Aaron’s Haiku Eye

Haiku, tanka, and other “one breath” poems

last updated April 20, 2017

50,000 concert wristbands -
redbluegreen electric cherry blossoms;
Coldplay rock Tokyo Dome

The sad-eyed faces of

hanami party-goers:

cherry blossoms in the rain.

springtime, snow country:
not cherry blossoms,


Shaken awake in Tokyo:
not earthquakes,


Chien perdu
Minna perdu
Shoganai shoganai shoganai

Translated from French and Japanese:

Lost dog

Everyone is lost

It can’t be helped, it can’t be helped, it can’t be helped


This rain-fed river
drowns stones and fallen branches,
rushing out to sea;
on a silver bicycle
you turned and gave me a wave.


Orange cat
asleep in my lap
as I write this.
He stretches out a paw
dreaming the ocean of fish between us.
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