God is Love

A theological deep dive

Prudence Louise
The Big Think


Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha on Unsplash

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When some people hear that God is love, it arouses the image of a benign old gentleman. An inoffensive chap who is insipidly polite and agreeably kind.

This superficial idea comes from the dogma of materialist thinking. We’re accustomed to think of love as an emotion, a feeling evoked by an object in the world.

But this is a facile and meagre conception of both love and God. Divine love isn’t an emotion at all. Love is our ultimate well-being and the foundation of our existence.

Love is truth, life and existence itself.

Love as ontology

Love as ontology is an idea that’s foreign to the modern mind. In the materialist worldview ethics is a dangler subject.

For the materialist, the world consists only of matter. Good and evil aren’t properties we find in materialism’s universe. Objects don’t have the properties of dimension, mass, charge and … goodness.

The materialist looks out at an insentient, uncaring and purposeless world.

It’s an artificial way of seeing the world because ethics is inseparable from our metaphysics. Ethics isn’t an optional extra, it’s the essential focus…