The Dynamic Life of Consciousness

Embracing the idealist worldview

Prudence Louise
The Big Think


Photo by Gary Fultz on Unsplash

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What does it mean to say the substance of the world is conscious?

Is idealism just an interesting philosophical theory with no practical relevance?

Or does it turn our view of the world inside out, and illuminate the path to a fulfilling life?

The dynamic life of consciousness

Consciousness is a dynamic substance, continually in motion. It chooses to flow towards some things and avoid others. It’s alive to the world, acting and reacting in a reciprocal dance.

The force that moves consciousness is will. Like a vector, consciousness has both momentum and direction. It has the power to produce effects in the world, but it also has intention, it moves towards a goal.

The will isn’t something separate from consciousness. It’s not a mechanism that moves some other thing called consciousness around.

Will is the inherent movement of a dynamic substance.

When we choose to focus our consciousness on particular things, we filter out everything else and limit the world to our chosen parameters. We focus on some things and…