The Elegant Simplicity of Idealism

Taking consciousness seriously

Prudence Louise
The Big Think


Photo by Sandra Filipe on Unsplash

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The best explanations of the world are not only the most accurate, they’re as simple as possible.

There is an elegant simplicity to Einstein’s e=mc2, and yet it encapsulates a profound truth. This principle of explanatory simplicity is called parsimony.

According to modern propaganda, naturalism is the simplest explanation of the world. It’s claimed that we know the natural world exists, so that should be our starting point. To assume there’s anything beyond nature, anything super-natural, is an unnecessary and unwarranted assumption.

But when naturalism’s claim to simplicity is critically analysed, we find the opposite is true.

Naturalism is a convoluted and extravagant explanation.

If simplicity is our criteria, then we should all be idealists, not naturalists. Idealism should be our starting point, because that’s what we observe to be true. Idealism not only is our starting point, it’s also our end point and all points between.

Observing the facts

The only thing we know are our conscious states, our experiences of the world. These states are…