The Search for Knowledge

Where will it end?

Prudence Louise
The Big Think


Photo by Stefan Steinbauer on Unsplash

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All human beings search for knowledge.

What is the end of that search? Can we discover knowledge that will bring our search to its conclusion? Is there a foundational truth that explains all other things?

This is the search for the ultimate truth.

We seek the foundation of reality, the fundamental principle on which everything rests.

The end of knowledge has a two-fold meaning.

But there is another meaning to the end of knowledge. An end is a conclusion, but it’s also a purpose. An end is a goal we strive towards.

Why do we want to know this fundamental truth?

It’s not only curiosity that motivates us. We need to know this ultimate truth before we can know the meaning of our lives.

Knowing the ultimate truth about the world means knowing why it exists.

If we know why the world exists, we also know why we exist. Only then can we know the purpose and meaning of our lives.

This is the goal of our search for knowledge. The ultimate truth about the world tells us who we are and why we’re here.