Wealth Addiction

The cost of being rich

Prudence Louise
The Big Think


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No one ever thinks having lots of money will harm them.

We may think it will have undesirable side effects, like making us a target for thieves and scammers, or causing relationship troubles with friends and relatives.

But no one ever thinks having lots of money will diminish them as a person.

The price of homogenising value

The greatest utility of money is that it reduces everything to a common standard of value. It lets us move beyond bartering goods by creating an intermediary store of value. We can use money to exchange the things we produce, for other things we want or need.

But the utility of money comes at a cost. Because money is so useful as a method for exchanging value, we start to see the money itself as valuable. We forget that money is only the medium to acquire things of actual value.

Money is a means, not an end. We don’t want the money itself, we want the things money can buy. But because money is the intermediary, it’s always standing between us and our goals. Which makes it easy to lose sight of our actual goals and focus on accumulating money.