Why I’m not a Naturalist

The incoherence of the modern world-view

Prudence Louise
The Big Think


Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

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Naturalism is the cultural dogma of the modern world. It’s a story that’s repeated so often, people accept it without questioning its truth.

The naturalist story says that as scientific knowledge advances, it’s proving beyond reasonable doubt there is no God, no eternal soul, no afterlife, and we live in an insentient and purposeless universe.

Naturalists present this story as the most rational world view, but in fact it’s based on a logical mistake. It confuses a method with a metaphysics, it mistakes scientific data for philosophical facts.

Science is a method for discovering facts about the world. It intentionally restricts its explanations to a limited range of properties. Only empirical and measurable properties are included in scientific explanations.

If we intentionally restrict our view of the world, it doesn’t mean the world is like our view of it. Wearing rose coloured glasses doesn’t make the world itself rose coloured.

Yet this is the same basic mistake people make when they believe science has shown nothing supernatural exists. The reason science hasn’t found anything supernatural is because it isn’t…