The CMS final rule: what it is, who gets impacted, and how to plan for the future

The Final Interoperability and Patient Access Rule White Paper

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This paper contains a detailed summary of the Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule and the 21st Century Cures Act, along with technical and implementation standards. The paper explains how the ruling impacts healthcare enterprises and technology firms and provides a planning guide for implementation of the requirements.

Short of a “black swan” event, 2020 will see a slow but steady advance in the digital transformation of healthcare.

Healthcare’s digital transformation slowly but steadily gained ground in 2019. Many of the predictions I made last year continue to hold. There has been remarkable progress in a couple of areas. However, the overall pace of digital innovation remains slow relative to other sectors of the economy. The launch of…

Healthcare tech has mostly focused on designing systems for claiming federal incentives in the past decade. Design thinking stands this logic on its head.

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A recent study by Mayo Clinic and the American Medical Association delivered a scathing “F” rating on the usability of electronic health record systems (EHR), blaming them for an epidemic of burnout that has taken a toll on nearly half of physicians across the country. Frustration with EHR system usability…

How leading health systems are balancing their immediate priorities with investments for a digital future in a value-based care era.

Digital health innovation: Addressing the two-canoe problem

The continuing hold of fee-for-service in payment models has implications for the adoption of technology-led innovation in health systems. In the inevitable shift towards value-based care, health systems relying on fee-for-service face shrinking operating margins that impose severe limits on the enterprise’s ability to fund innovation programs. …

A slew of consumer health apps from non-traditional players have hit the market lately. Traditional healthcare providers are also stepping up to meet consumer needs and preferences.

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As the cost of employer-provided healthcare breaches the $20,000 a year mark for a family of four, Walmart’s corporate slogan of “Save Money. Live Better” couldn’t be more ironic. …

The unlocking of patient data is leading us to a future when health care will be a vastly improved experience with superior outcomes. However, there will be guard rails around consumer access to personal health records.

Data wants to be free. Data also wants to be in free markets.

A slew of newly announced initiatives points to the inexorable shift of data away from walled gardens and tightly controlled environments into the world of free markets. Consider these:

  • A group of healthcare institutions and technology providers…

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