hitler and Goebbels in my garden and my second visit to the Berghof

having just written yesterday that Leni was too busy working and living inside her own kind of egg world, completely cut off from and isolated from everyday events and the outside world, writing in her memoirs about her second visit to the Berghof; she conflicts all this with saying that she felt perplexed, for it was impossible to talk to Adolf about the things that were most in my mind, for instance, his anti-Semitism!

Is this not clear evidence in her own words that she always knew all along exactly the type of person she was dealing with and what his thoughts were and what he was capable of planning ?

She goes on to write on the same subject, that whenever she knew she was going to meet Adolf, she was resolved before to raise the subject, and even went to the extent of preparing her own questions for him accordingly, but without success, (if you believe ?).

In her memoirs she also gives hitler credit for naming the title of her film, Triumph of the Will, but denies the film was a Nazi propaganda documentary citing why would the french honor such a film in Paris with a gold medal ?

Yet, before she could prepare for her next film Olympia, she had to go to Nuremberg for two days to make a short film on the Wehrmacht exercises at the party rally of 1935, which she alleges was footage she had omitted from Triumph of the Will, much to the annoyance of the generals.