All The Things I Want

But probably won’t buy.

My list of wants changes with the seasons or with the weather or with the way I’m feeling on any given day. Nothing I want is particularly practical or necessary — that’s why they’re “wants” as opposed to “needs.” In theory, I deny myself the things that I want out of fear of insolvency, as if one overpriced but widely-hyped face oil will lead me down a path of financial destruction. In reality, I buy what I want within reason and go about my day.

Still, indulging in the exercise of stating plainly what we want that endless amounts of money could buy is fun. What is life if there is no fantasy? Here are some things that I want.

A white shirt, a black shirt, and maybe one in blush or navy, because I don’t have any t-shirts, having thrown away all the ones that were stained beyond repair: $40 if I go to H&M and $59.60 if I get the soft, drape-y ones from Uniqlo.

A new chair for my room that I’ll actually sit in instead of using as a clothing rack: $150? $250? from Ikea, probably. But not the POANG. I hate that chair.

A desk chair that doesn’t make me want to die: $79.95 from Amazon, if I get the ergonomic kneeling kind, that make you look a little bit like a tree frog in repose.

This face oil from cultish beauty brand Luna Riley that might break me out or might cure everything that’s wrong with my face — the only way I’ll find out is if I buy it, right?: $80 from Sephora.

A Dutch oven or something similar — maybe a cast iron pan would work, too: $43.61 from Amazon.

A water bottle — one of the fancy ones that stays cold for 24 hours, like the Hydroflask: $44.95 if I get the big 32 oz. size, which I definitely would.

Total cost of things I want but probably won’t buy: $558.11

Some things that I’ve recently bought impulsively that I wanted include: a set of ten sheet masks from Tony Moly ($11); Madness, Rack and Honey: Collected Lectures by Mary Ruefle ($19.73); a very expensive sandwich and cookie from my favorite sandwich place ($20).

I still buy stuff — believe me, I do — I just don’t buy everything. That’s the trick.

This story is part of The Billfold’s I Want It Now series.