Friday Estimate

Photo credit: Karl Cossio, CC BY 2.0.

Happy Friday! It’s supposed to snow in Seattle today, so… we’ll see what happens.

I am going to spend a lot of money this weekend. Maybe not “a lot.” More than usual.

On Saturday, I’m getting a massage that, with tip, will cost just under $200. (I booked myself the massage as a reward for doing the detail-intense and stressful work of launching the pre-order of my novel.)

The massage is scheduled for late afternoon, so I’ll probably grab dinner afterwards. There’s a sandwich place next door, so I’ll spend about $11, probably $14 with tax and tip—and yes, my sandwich will come with a side.

I will definitely need to buy groceries at some point, but not a lot of groceries since I’m going out of town soon. (The annual JoCo Cruise runs March 4–11.) Maybe $20 on a few items to get me through the next week.

Total estimate: $234.

How about you?