Friday Estimate

Photo credit: Mike Steele, CC BY 2.o.

It’s Friday, so let’s estimate how much money we’re going to spend this weekend.

I’m finally going to get my hair cut—I put it off until right before the JoCo Cruise—so I hope I’ll be able to give my stylist the bonus I wanted to give him over the holidays. I’ll probably spend $70 on cut plus bonus.

My landlord had the new washer/dryer units installed, so I’m also going to be spending $3.50 on laundry. (Yes, the cost went up from $1.25 per wash/dry to $1.75. No, the machines only accept quarters. Yes, the reason why this is $3.50 instead of $7.00 is because I did a load on Thursday after the machines were installed. It was my Do 1 Thing!)

I don’t have any other planned spending, but I’ll throw in another $30 just in case something comes up.

Total estimate: $103.50.

How about you?