Friday Estimate

Photo credit: GoToVan, CC BY 2.0.

Happy Friday! (What a week.) Let’s estimate how much we’re going to spend this weekend!

I might be able to squeeze everything into one load of laundry, but I’ll probably end up spending $5.75 on two loads of laundry.

I also need to get groceries, and I was planning on a $60–70 trip and then my Safeway app told me that I’ll get $7 off if I spend $70, so I’m going to estimate $63.

I need to buy Bolt Bus tickets for my upcoming reading at Another Read Through in Portland (Friday August 4, 7 p.m., free) and although I could get that mythical $1 ticket I’ll probably spend $20 each way, or $40 total.

Plus I need to put another $20 on my Orca card so I can continue to ride the city bus.

Total estimate: $130.

How about you?

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