How Did You Spend Your Last $100?

Two Billfolders respond!

Photo credit: piviso, CC0 Public Domain.

From Anna Z-man:

My last $100 lasted all of four days. After volunteering at the Food Bank on Saturday, my boyfriend and I stopped in to Shake Shack to avoid a torrential downpour. Unfortunately, everyone else appeared to be doing the same thing. I spent $17.18 for the privilege of squishing in with strangers at the communal table to eat my burger and fries.
That being said—the experience felt quintessentially summer.
Later that evening, we matched up with two of our friends for a birthday. I spent $28.39 to cover my under-seasoned calamari and part of the birthday boy’s fish and chips.
On Monday, I finally tried Home Frites (a Smorgasburg staple) at their new location in Dekalb Food Hall. The fries were good but they ran out of the sauce I’d wanted to try ($6).
Tuesday, I treated myself to poke ($14.15) before going to Neal Stephenson’s book signing in Union Square. I picked up his new book, The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O., and my Dad’s favorite, Cryptonomicon, to have them signed for his birthday and Christmas presents ($36.24).
Total: $101.96

From adastra17:

$23.07 — gas
$24 — parking at the farmers market (I’m still cranky about this, but this is what you get in LA)
$60 — iPhone replacement battery. Don’t drop your phone, kids. It apparently ruins the battery?

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