How Your 401(k) Stacks Up Against Fortune 500 Companies and Other Stories

• Bloomberg News put together a neat interactive graph ranking the 401(k) plans of the top 50 companies in the S&P 500 based on metrics like whether or not the plans offer a match, the ability to invest in index funds, the amount of time it takes to vest, and so on. You can insert your own numbers to see how your company’s 401(k) plan compares to the top 50 companies, or you can go skip ahead directly to the chart.

• Some potential good news for college grads: CareerBuilder surveyed 2,200 employers and discovered that one in four are planning on offering entry-level employees a starting salary of $50,000. Who’s in demand? Writes the Wall Street Journal: “Businesses majors were most in demand, the survey found, with 38% of employers planning to hire them, followed by computer and information-sciences majors (27%) and engineering majors (18%).”

• It’s strange to live in a society where people actually obsess over having a “good” area code (in New York City, there’s “212 lust”), but here we are. The Washington Post talked to a man who sells phone numbers with coveted area codes (310 for Los Angeles, 202 for D.C., 312 for Chicago, etc.), which can apparently sell for tens of thousands of dollars. What a world.