If It Has Doors and a Roof, People Are Renting it on Airbnb

Only in the Berenstain universe is a treehouse an acceptable Airbnb rental.

Here’s one more Airbnb quickread for this afternoon:

Apparently childhood dreams of sleeping in a gas station are a Thing, at least according to a gas station owner in Salinas, California. Pete Shen as of last month was offering $50 bring-your-own-air mattress overnight stays at Sanborn & Market Gas. It appears the listing has been removed but not before Shen told KSBW he had received a good deal of interest.

Slate’s full list of “things that are not homes but are getting rented on Airbnb anyway” is great—and if you click through to that KSBW link, you get a video of the gas station and an interview with owner Pete Shen, who promises “a toilet, basic needs, some running water, hot water, some drinks, coffee, some ice cream.” You also learn that you’ll be locked into the gas station overnight and that the checkout time is 5 a.m.