Jodie Foster’s New Movie ‘Money Monster’ Explains Our Rigged Financial System

Jodie Foster is directing a new movie about the financial industry starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts and let’s all watch the trailer RIGHT NOW:

If you can’t watch the trailer RIGHT NOW for whatever reason, let me recap:

George Clooney plays a “financial television personality” a la Jim Cramer, with Julia Roberts as his no-nonsense producer. BUT WHO’S THAT GUY ON CAMERA TWO? It’s Jack O’Connell as Everyman, charging onto the set with a GUN and a BOMB VEST and demanding that Clooney explain exactly why O’Connell lost all of his money after following Clooney’s tips—or things are going to BLOW UP.

Yes, it’s a bit of Up in the Air plus Broadcast News plus American Dreamz, probably with a little Die Hard thrown in there. (Rest in peace, Alan Rickman.)

But I don’t care if it’s derivative, and I’m trying not to care that I have a little bit of mental unease at the idea that I’m getting excited about watching a plot that resembles a mass shooting.

I am still going to watch the FINANCIAL CRISIS out of this movie.

Here’s what Foster told Yahoo! Movies:

“It’s really hard to explain to somebody what happened to their money,” says Foster. “It takes an hour and a half of tense time to tell [O’Connell’s character] what happened,” she adds, arguing that certain financial systems are complicated by design. “It is rigged for the elite who understand the system. It’s specifically intended that the casual stockholder does not have the benefit of the best choices.”

George Clooney spending 90 minutes explaining a rigged financial system while wearing a bomb vest? SIGN ME UP. GIVE ME MY TICKET NOW.

Release date is May 13. Who’s in?