Monday Check In!

So, Nu, How Was Your Weekend?

“was the chicken happy?”

Saturday was a rough day for my little family, full of tantrums that left the grown ups with frayed nerves and ringing ears. That evening, for us as well as for the friend who was scheduled to come over, we ordered in comfort food from the place I think of as “upscale Boston Market”: Amish farm-raised free-range chicken, veggie sides, and one big dense brownie to split.

After some yowling about how she didn’t want that, she didn’t want that, Babygirl all but licked the take-out containers clean. (She did not, however, get to share in the brownie; that was the reward for the adults who made it through the day without doing violence to themselves or others.) There was still enough left over for our grown up friend who ended up joining us post-bedtime, who was delighted and who surreptitiously left a cost-defraying $20 on our table before heading home.

On Sunday, we went to a play space along with a mom-friend and her son (a discounted $7.50 because we bought a ten-pack several weeks ago), and then we treated them to lunch at an overpriced organic burger place, because there’s no silver bullet for self-pity like being nice to someone else.

  • $36 on Saturday dinner, minus $20 = $16
  • $71 on Sunday lunch
  • $30 on Sunday groceries

I estimated less, because I forgot about food shopping, but I wasn’t too far off. How about you? How’d you do?