Monday Check In!

How much did you spend this weekend?

I am writing this on Sunday night, bleary eyed and exhausted from travel, so I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I think this is what we spent on our weekend in the Poconos, because as expected almost all of our food and housing costs were covered:

Bagels: $12

Gas: $25

Tolls: $25 each way, or $50 total

Episodes of kids’ shows we bought for Babygirl’s new tablet for the ride home that we then couldn’t watch because we forgot that, even after you buy them, you still have to download them while you have wifi: $4

Toll to cross the Delaware via the adorably quaint Dingman’s Ferry Bridge, which was collected by a stern looking older white dude just standing there in the middle of the street and about whom Ben looked back and said, “I guess that’s Dingman”: $1

TOTAL: $92

And you?

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