Monday Check-In

Photo credit: Ze’ev Barkan, CC BY 2.0.

Happy Monday! Let’s check in and see how much we spent this weekend.

I estimated that I would spend $80 on Lyft rides to the Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference, and $40 on food/drinks, or $120 total.

I ended up spending $0 on food/drinks, and only $45.79 on Lyft. (I took the metro to the conference on Saturday, and a Lyft back to my apartment.)

But that’s only if you count the weekend as Saturday/Sunday. If you count the weekend as starting on Friday night, then I spent an additional $85 on a locksmith because I accidentally misplaced my keys and locked myself out of my apartment. (I did not, thankfully, lose my keys. Also, yes I called my landlord and he was the one who told me I needed to call the locksmith to get back inside. It’s the first time I’ve ever needed a locksmith in over a decade of apartmenting, so that’s a plus.)

I also spent $7 on laundry.

Total: $137.79.

How about you?