Rambling Man Update From DC Dreamer Who Feared She Was Failing

by Joshua Michtom

Rambling Man,

I wanted to provide an update because I about near died when my letter actually appeared and you provided the response that was so perfect and so exactly what I needed to hear. I took the job! Yesterday, in fact, before I read your response. But I got to a place where it was totally a no-brainer and writing to you helped.

It’s also REALLY hilarious how much the pantsuit comment stuck out, because I really am not actually a pantsuit wearer anyway! But that’s beside the fact. Also, Billfold commenters are the greatest (I agree your response was Dear Sugar level of greatness). I will definitely go to H Street to celebrate. Thank you for considering my question, despite its most certainly #firstworldproblem gloss. I appreciate it.

No longer confused


[Throws back bag of gold coins]

My only reward is that justice is done.

[Digs spurs into sides of horse; rides off.]

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