Saving $100 in 30 Days

by The Billfold Sponsors

Qapital is the savings app for people who want to get better at money. Use this link and we’ll start you off with $10 in your digital piggybank. You’ll get $10 more for every friend (or frenemy) you sign up. It’s free, and there’s no catch!

If you had to save $100 in 30 says, how would you go about it? Would you cut back on your morning iced coffee habit? Or how about those daily Seamless orders at work?

We tend to think of saving money in terms of deprivation. What do I have to give up? This mindset is totally understandable. After all, sometimes that coffee is the jolt you need in the morning. And sometimes those Seamless orders are the perfect way to kick back with your coworkers after a mindless conference call. But sometimes visualizing yourself in your awesome future apartment is what matters more.

Here’s our thesis: Saving money is not about depriving yourself, it’s about making decisions that are in line with what you really want by asking yourself what’s more important to you overall.

Qapital’s new “take the pledge” campaign provides a fun interactive tool that helps you customize a plan for saving $100 in one month. Once you figure out your gameplan, you can join Qapital’s mailing list for additional tips, reminders or even just words of encouragement.

Anyone can take the pledge. Although, if you own an iphone you can also use the Qapital app to automate your savings as you go (the android app is coming soon!). So JOIN NOW and take the first step to becoming super good at money.

Maybe that $100 will be the start of something big, or maybe it’ll buy a treat every month or two that you wouldn’t otherwise allow yourself. This is about changing your mindset, and it’s not actually all that hard, and it’s not about ‘being good’. Who needs that moral dimension anyway?

What will you do with the cash? Tweet @qapitalapp or instagram with #cutdownsaveup and show us how you’ll spend your hard earned $100.