Share Your Success Tuesday

What did you do well last week?

Photo credit: TheCulinaryGeek, CC BY 2.0.

It’s Tuesday, so let’s share some of our financial successes!

Last week, I wanted to keep my travel costs down, primarily by avoiding restaurants and eating food I had either packed myself or purchased at convenience stores.

I did keep my travel costs down, especially the food costs, but it wasn’t because I was eating Walgreens tuna or those fruit cups where a sliver of cherry balances on a pile of pineapple.

It was because I had several of my meals paid for, and because I wasn’t hungry enough to need more than “cup of soup” or “single hot dog” when I was buying food on my own.

So I’d count this as… half a success? I achieved my goal at the expense of other people. (PUN INTENDED.)

What about you?