Share Your Success Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time to share our recent financial successes.

Last week, I was anticipating I’d receive $7,400 in freelance payments and pay off the $2,506.96 on my Chase Ink business credit card—but it turns out one of those paychecks won’t be arriving until the end of the month, so I don’t have enough cash in my checking account to make the payment yet.

I have a year-long zero-percent APR on the card, which means I could pay the minimum this month, get my paycheck on the 31st, and pay off the card in August.

But, since my credit card payment isn’t due until July 28, I’ll probably pull $2,506.96 out of my savings on July 27, pay off the card, get my paycheck on July 31, and pay back my savings.

The only reason I’m not pulling cash out of my savings right now is because there might be an emergency between now and then. I’m not anticipating one, but you gotta keep that cash liquidity, right?

So that’s… well, it’s not really a financial success, but it’s the best I can do under the circumstances.

How about you?