Show Us Your Grocery Receipts, Part Ten: Let’s Examine My Most Recent Receipt

In our last “Show Us Your Grocery Receipts” installment, I promised you a collection of Billfolder-submitted Trader Joe’s and Aldi receipts—and that’s still coming.

But I wanted to share my most recent grocery receipt, both for what’s on it and how long I think this food will last.

I bought two boxes of Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats (“Family Size”) on sale. That plus the half-gallon of soy milk should give me 12 breakfasts, give or take.

(What happened to my plan to eat yogurt and fruit every morning forever? Constipation, bloating, etc. It was a fun party while it lasted, and then it was a not-fun party that I kept clinging to because Google said this wasn’t supposed to happen to people who ate yogurt and fruit, this is supposed to be the healthy choice and cereal is supposed to be bad for you, and then I left the party and opened up a box of simple processed carbs and everything was fine.)

Fiber One had its five-bar boxes on sale for 2 for $5—they’re usually closer to $4 each—so I grabbed four boxes. I eat one of these bars per day as a snack, so 20 bars will last me 20 days.

For lunch, I bought two loaves of Open Nature Five-Seed bread (on sale), two packets of Hormel Natural Choice Ham (also on sale), lettuce, pickles, mustard, three oranges, and Open Nature Veggie Chips. Add in the fruit I already have in the refrigerator, and I’ll have enough sandwiches, fruit, and chips for roughly 14 lunches. (The ham will run out on Day 12, but I also have peanut butter.)

The Bush’s Best Beans and the Jiffy cornbread muffin mix are for one of my very favorite comfort meals, which I’m going to share with you tomorrow. This skillet worth of food, served with the baby spinach as a side dish, will make four dinners.

I also bought a packet of Giovanni Rana cheese tortellini and a jar of Signature Select pasta sauce. This, along with more baby spinach, should make three dinners.

The orange bell pepper and the broccoli will get cooked up with tofu I already have in the refrigerator and served with chow mein noodles I already have in the cupboard, and will make two dinners.

Lastly, I bought wine and chocolate that tastes like wine—seriously, Ghirardelli’s Intense Dark Cabernet Matinee chocolate is the best—and that will last me five days, so I had better pace myself. (I deliberately choose cheapo wine bottles that I know won’t go sour if it takes me a week to drink them.)

So most of these groceries will last for two weeks—but I’ll have to buy more dinner food somewhere during the second week.

Two other items of note:

  1. I usually don’t buy paper bags, but this time I was out and about and wasn’t carrying a bunch of grody grocery totes with me.
  2. Remember when I was curious about where I was going to get laundry quarters? Turns out my local Safeway is more than happy to make change in rolls of quarters, and I’ve been using them as my quarter supplier ever since.

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