This Homeless Woman’s Story Of Getting Her $100,000 Is 💯

Read. Savor. Be inspired.

Lady in the Van

We all need some heart-warming reading to get us in the right mood for Labor Day weekend, right? Let me help. Everything about this story in the Washington Post, about a stubborn and deserving lady living on the street who finally gets what’s coming to her, is gold.

Part 1:

Will she finally get to smile? Will she? Will she?? Of course she will. In another version of the story, she dies on the street before anyone believes her; but in this one, the righteous are rewarded.

Part 2:

There are lessons here for all of us!

  1. People love to say they wanna see the receipts, especially if you’re saying you’re owed something. If you have them, you can WIN.
  2. Maybe digitize them, though. Or put the hard-copies in a safety deposit box so you don’t have to lug them around.
  3. Stubborn can work in your favor. Don’t give up. Especially if you’re fighting for what you know to be yours.
  4. When fighting the government or any kind of opaque bureaucracy, get a good lawyer.
  5. Speaking of the government, can we please adequately fund and staff the office in charge of a massive and crucial program like Social Security? FFS.
  6. Never underestimate a grandmother.