What One Woman Spends on Beauty for a First Date

The other day, one of our faithful readers tweeted a request in our direction:

The article in question, Racked’s “What 7 Women Spend on Beauty for a First Date,” includes stories like this:

“The minute I know I have a date, I head straight to my nearest MAC store and buy the boldest lipstick I can find — I have a ton, but there’s always a newer, bolder and better one I could have.” A MAC lipstick will cost Carolina around $16, then she hits up DreamDry for a swingy blowout at $45, and Sephora for “sexy” products like fake eyelashes ($25) and “fancy” shower gel and body lotion (she favors those from L’Occitane and will spend around $60). “I want to smell good enough to eat. The goal is for the guy to drool over me.” Total: $146.

Now, you are very welcome to spend $45 on a swingy blowout, but I own my own hair dryer. With that in mind, here is an itemized list of Nicole’s First Date Expenses:

— A dress I already own (probably something I bought at Forever 21 for $15)

— A hair clip I already own (I will brush my hair and put a clip in it to keep it out of my eyes, that is kind of the extent of my hair regimen here)

— The makeup box I already own (which I bought for $31.95), although sometimes I don’t even bother with makeup and just arrive wearing tinted lip gloss

— The Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume I already own ($39.95), although sometimes I don’t even bother with that, if I’m meeting up with some guy for coffee I do not need to smell like liquid pralines

— Shoes I already own (yes I will show up to a first date wearing Crocs jellies, I guess those cost about $30)

— Underwear I already own and don’t plan on revealing to anybody

— I guess I used my own disposable razor that morning too

— My eyelashes also belong to me

I wonder if this is why my OKCupid dates have not really gone anywhere.

To the other Billfolders who go on first dates: do you buy new outfits or fresh lipstick for your dating adventures? Or do you figure that if your date isn’t attracted to the stuff you already have, you probably aren’t a good match?