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Why Is This Money Falling From the Sky?

A few theories.

Now You See Me

First, the background:

Police investigated the downtown area and found money blowing off a rooftop of a 10-story building. One officer found a couple hundred $1 bills scattered across the roof, including five partial money wrappers that read “Federal Reserve Bank,” Fox59 reports.

The Qdoba restaurant on the bottom floor of the building had reported a robbery last Friday, but it was not known if the bills on the roof were related.

Second, the theories:

  • Totally the Qdoba thing. Everyone knows that the best course of action after stealing a bunch of money is to keep it for several days and then leave it on a rooftop.
  • SOMEONE ROBBED THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK. Didn’t you read the money wrappers?
  • A Black Mirror “Shut Up and Dance” scenario in which the person involved refused to dance and accepted the consequences.
  • A Now You See Me scenario in which the illusionists had hoped to draw a bigger crowd, but they felt bad about posting the cryptic invitations on Twitter because everyone was talking about the latest Trump news. (“It’s not the right time to do self-promotion,” one of the illusionists said.)
  • A new teen meme: the Money Toss. Teens try to throw a dollar bill off a rooftop, which is harder than it sounds. (You try throwing a dollar and see how far you can get it. Half the time it shifts direction in flight and ends up back at your feet.)
  • Trickle-down economics is finally working.

Any theories you want to add to the list?



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Nicole Dieker

Nicole Dieker

Freelance writer at Vox, Bankrate, Haven Life, & more. Author of The Biographies of Ordinary People.