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You Should Be Making A Will. Like Right Now.

No matter who you are, it will help.

Scenario 1: Dear Old Dad

As I’ve mentioned before, my dad had some problems with money. More than “some,” actually. He was crippled not only by delusions of grandeur a la bipolar disorder but also a woeful misunderstanding of how sustainable wealth can be acquired. That makes for a real mess post-departure.

Scenario 2: Grandma’s Final Chore

My maternal grandmother was one of my financial idols. She lent me money a few times in college because I was “an investment.” She traveled often, took fitness classes, and texted me frequently. More than once she bitched about men her age trying to find wives just so they could have “a house of their own” to stay in. As if. Grandma had a master’s degree and the ability to take road trips. She’d earned every bit of this.


There’s a file on my computer detailing who gets what in the event of my death, and an emergency Password Doc hidden away so people can access my laptop in the time of my death. I don’t have a will yet, but it’s on my list right after life insurance and a retirement account. The irony of my grandmother’s to-do list isn’t lost on me.



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