What to do when your founder names her startup after her dog

If you’ve been following our journey for any length of time you might notice something different about us. We’ve changed our name!

On the surface, it’s not a big change at all, just from BanjoMaps to BindiMaps. We didn’t even have to change our logo very much. But while two names are similar, the new one means a lot more to us than the old.

The name BanjoMaps is a “sort-of” acronym for “Beacon Assisted Navigation and Journey Orientation”, which is a long and complicated way of describing what we do.

Suspiciously, our founder and CEO Dr Anna Wright has a pet dog whose name is also Banjo, but that has nothing to do with it, she assures us. There is no way she would name her company after her pet, she says. Although that might explain the twisted acronym.

Our founder’s dog Banjo who, we are assured, has no connection to the previous name of our company, BanjoMaps.

In any case, after careful consideration we decided that while the name is a good description of what we do now, it may not describe what we do in future. The “beacon” in the name refers to low energy Bluetooth beacons, which we use to locate users in indoor spaces. But we’re perfectly aware of many other existing and potential future technologies that can also do this job. So we wanted to get away from the word “beacons”.

But then, after a bit more careful consideration, we decided that we really didn’t want our name to stand for what we do, but rather who we are and what we stand for. We want to talk not about what we do, but why we do it .

So that’s why the “Bindi” in BindiMaps means “be independent”. This describes why we want to help users navigate their way around complicated indoor spaces, so they can do that independently, without having to ask anyone else. And this is something that is crucially important for our core user group, people with a visual impairment.

As Dr Wright explains, “Our mission remains the same: We are revolutionising the way that we all navigate indoor spaces. While BindiMaps adds a layer of convenience for most of us, it completely changes the way people with vision impairment access indoor spaces. BindiMaps removes significant barriers to navigation, and opens up a whole new world for discovery.”

So that’s it. If you knew us as BanjoMaps, say hello to us again as BindiMaps. You’re going to hear a lot more from us very soon!