Writing my first feature as an intern

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After working with Binge for four months, I was asked to write my first full feature. With writing — whether its an essay, or a news story or even a text I send to my mother — there’s always this odd stress and anxiety. Questions constantly run through my mind, “is it good enough?” and “omg is this really the best I can do?” and sometimes even “shall I say hey, hi or hello?’

Writing the feature helped me work over my writing anxiety. I’ve never thought of myself as someone who writes well, but having this opportunity pushed me to realise that maybe what I had to say didn’t completely suck. It wasn’t always easy but through the feedback I received from Vritti, I was able to learn how to use my own ideas and execute them in the best Binge way possible.

I have been lucky to watch writers like my sister and Vritti and observe their writing processes. It’s always systemic. Its inspiring to watch people who know what they are doing and are good at what they do. That is something I tried to bring to my own process, to be sure of what I was writing — making sure it was factual and relevant, and most importantly knowing what direction the story would go in.

Coming up with the idea was probably the easiest part. I’ve always noticed how certain foods tend to make me feel energised or extremely sluggish. In yoga, we’re taught that what you take in, is what you give out. Food affects our bodies in ways we can’t physically observe. The idea was to make the link between diet and mental health, and make those who are reading aware of how their behaviour is influenced by food.

At school and at uni, the importance of being able to back up claims with evidence is always stressed. This was good training for the feature. Information is available everywhere, but being able to identify whether it is reliable is essential. With psychology, tons of articles are posted everyday with no statistical backing. Some readers will not question the article and believe whatever is written. This made me feel an additional responsibility to ensure the integrity of Binge was maintained. Identifying reliable sources was my priority. On a platform like Binge, you can’t afford to go wrong and must ensure accuracy by double- and triple-checking facts. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

I’m proud to have something I’ve written on Binge, to add to a website where so many other brilliant writers have made their contributions. I am also extremely grateful to Vritti, for the amount of patience she has had and the way she has trained me.

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