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Stop Making Excuses

We both know that your just scare. You can make the time you want, you can ask people for help. You can ask your boss for that job and your friend for a date. All you got to do is “man up.”

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

Fear is on of the main reason as to why most people don’t achieve what they want. I’ve been through this.

Instead of taking a job, I keep making excuses. I keep telling myself that I won’t like it or that I won’t have time later for family.

These are just excuse. In truth, I’m afraid.

I’m scared about applying for a job. I’m scared of having to get up in the morning or the afternoon and meet up with strangers for the first time.

Of course I’ll feel this way.

And I have to remind myself that these are all just things life gives you to do.

In a way, a test, to separate those who are fearless vs those that are overcome by fear.

This same fear has kept me inside a box. And now with the pandemic, this box has only closed tighter. (With more tape)

The good thing about being in a pandemic, is that I don’t have to force myself to open the box just yet.

I’ve made up a pair of scissors, though blunt, I feel myself sharpening it. Slowly every day in waiting, planning, for a day that I cut the box open and escape the kind of mentality that runs through my head.

Then again, part of this may be because of procrastination. But things side more to phycological means.



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