The simple life hack you probably won’t follow

It’s a simple, yet immensely effective life hack that I guarantee you’re not doing.

Focus on one thing at a time, and don’t let yourself get distracted.

You’re thinking “yeah, no shit”, but then your fingers will start typing ‘’ into a new tab before you even catch yourself doing it.

If you have something important you want to get done, then close your internet browser if you can. Close your email client. Put your phone down (or on airplane mode) if you’re that hooked. You won’t miss it. They‘re simply not urgent, and they can wait a couple of hours until you’re ready.

Unfortunately far too accurate…

The internet is like a drug addiction, and you’re searching for the next new thing. It’s like a rotation of the four sites, and you don’t even realise you’ve wasted 10 minutes going through that. If someone offered you a bound book of the shit that you read off these sites, you’d chuck it straight in the bin.

Close all of it.

This can be extended into all parts of your life. When you get rid of that noise around you, it makes it easy to immerse yourself in whatever you’re doing. Whether that be the person you’re spending with, the huge project you’ve been putting off, or even just the errands around the house you’ve been putting off all week. Give them the attention they deserve.

Lose yourself in what you’re doing. I’ve taken the challenge, and you should too. Focus. The rest can wait.