Numen- “a new church”, a place to connect with your Numen, your divine energy that watches over you, and your divine energy watching over your one, kids, family, and your loved ones. — Like “Nunmen”, and also, connecting with your (future) children, and loved ones.

I started yesterday, “Numen”, a church, a route of Numen, a pilgrim-like route with churches, where one can live free, and simply be with their own religion and God, their one, and (future)children, and their own family. A route of prayer, a place of prayer, but for some, a place to simply be. You might sense what God meant for you, you might need a place to connect. Simply space to feel Numen. Numen is, the Divine energy you can feel when you think about your future spouse/love, the one you are born with to be married or to be within life, the twin flame, the soulmate, etc. Also, the feeling you have for your future children, and the feeling you keep for your loved ones, that's Numen, divine energy that watches over. I will work this out and hope to have one day enough funds to build many small cute churches, with simple texts, to keep it simply about all the people themselves, their own God, and their own one, their own kids and families, and how they feel God wants them to live, so they live their own Numen. This is a bit of my “nun work”, and the nuns I had in my life, simply would want you to follow what God tells you.

Jiska Hachmer
The birth of my husband


In Latin so all can read it: “Numen, ut omnis illorum amor verus invenies. Nam sicut amor verus locus. Non vim patiatur et gratia apud Deum et ille iustus est.Item, locus est Numen omnes infantes, ut eos inveniamus sui verum Numen, qui natus est qui autem habitabat in via. Et sic possumus liberi, et tamen frequenter nobis. Amamus illas naturaliter, et perdidit omnes nos. Hic vere diligit nos cogitare possumus omnes nostras et Numen, divina industria enim intus in se sentiunt.- 20. mensis Aprilis MMXXI”

Translation to English: “Numen, so all will find their true love. Just a place for true love. Not to force, interfere, influence, just to have a place with God and the one. Also, a place for Numen for all children, so they find their own true Numen, living the way they are born naturally. We can sense children and they sense us. We love them naturally, also all we lost. We can think of all we truly love here and have our Numen, the divine energy we feel inside for each other.”

I worked on this my entire life, a bit like “my work as a nun”.

I wrote about the route I want to make in the world, before. All know me about that already. I wrote on Plazilla about it, a page that stopped this year, but I wrote on it for many years. Also, about this route, I want where all can live free, in houses, with all basic needs for free, and simply be, the way they are born naturally.

I was raised Roman Catholic, I helped in church as a child, with the church service, as an “altar child”, we also went to the Monastery for the Nuns since I was about 6 years old, every summer. The best days of my life by the way, and I am extremely grateful for their work, for us. Also, the place we never fought as a family and felt at peace. We had a far cousin/ aunty in the monastery and she came by. My grandparents and other family and family friends came by every summer too, when we were there. It was the best. We were living with about 700 euro per month in those days, as a family, with only a single mom. Nuns rented very cheaply, I think a few euros per week, the homes they had on their land, for single mums. We all had for the rest of our life a lot of missions we built up there, and not per se with religion, but in our music and work life. The region had a lot of things to do for kids, and we were raised with the good influence they had. We also, were on the laps of the nuns in their church of that monastery, if we wanted to be in there, and follow a church service, which they never allow anyone in, only them, and the people on the land at that time. So, it was very special. We also, saw them make jelly from their own fruits, and saw them work hard, also saw them do missions for the region, to help everyone, but also saw them leave to travel around the world to help everyone on earth, with their missions. We were very poor, but the luckiest with that experience. We experienced how the norm of protecting kids and single mums, which was the norm in those days, everywhere, helped kids grow. To just accept life, and let kids live with their parents, and help the poor. To just accept God has different ways, and also for everyone a special own way, as we had the luck too. It made us better people too over time, with simply their love for their work and what they felt God said. We saw their good work. I could not be anyone else than myself, because of them. They always wondered what God told me and they kept telling me to please do, whatever God says. That peace of acceptance is important I think. To be who you are, naturally, the way God has planned it. I know I am lucky we had a good church, and good monastery, and no crimes, I know of. So we could truly experience what churches, religions, and God are meant for, I think.

In my life, it was still normal to consider becoming a nun. The option of the monastery is also peaceful. Some just are like nuns. I already lived that way, I wanted to stay faithful to my one, for the rest of my life, it is perhaps a gender. But I did not feel I could be in the Monastery, as it is meant for women married to God, and I would marry one day a man, I had in my heart and was born with, which many did by the way, and the other nuns were fine with, they simply do what God tells them to do. They only hope to do what God says.

They also go retreat, to be alone with God. I know how this feeling of simply being with God is, thanks to them. I want to do something with that feeling for my Numen, and the Numen everyone else has.

I live with a Numen.

The nuns I spoke said I could still be in the monastery if I felt God felt I should be there, but I did not feel that. I understood I could go to the monastery and I always still considered it, but it was not yet a moment to do so.

The monastery I was in every summer as a child, closed down, a few years ago. I also, considered other monasteries around the world.

But I am more what I now made, Numen. Still a nun type, but with God and my one, not only married to God. So, I finally found the word for it yesterday and started Numen.


I also, use that name because it is without the letters me, nun, and also makes nunmen easily if you add an n. “Nunmen”, with Numen, is the idea of it, like humans that live like nuns for their God and one.

I cannot know what all others experience with their one and their God, or their nature. It is meant to be a place that all humans, really anyone, can be who they are with their one, they experience Numen for, or want Numen for. So, they can watch over their loved ones. Also, their future family, their children. So, a place to connect with your children too.

Yes, a bit like a Santa Claus home, too. To honor children.

Every church has angels, God, and humans with children, natural life, where we are spiritual. It is a Homo Sapiens feature to express these feelings with speech, art, and share these feelings and expressions, also to create collective knowledge about it (Christian, and Baker, N.D.).

So, I simply want to express this feeling of Numen, so all have a place to go, despite their curches, religions, believes, and to simply express human nature.

Examples, of Numen already existing as a word:

( Example: The numen of Augusti, which means the divine energy of Augusti)
(Example: University motto of The University of Wisconsin. Numen Lumen.)
(“pecudum placatur fanguine numen”, God is pleased with the blood of the animal power, )

To do Numen

So, I want to create paths around the world, where one can live in free houses, free food, and places to study and work freely, to find jobs, and connections, but also one can live alone, like nuns, men, and women, on free routes, perhaps like pilgrim routes. Not from any country, free space, but with human rights and international law, and simply your own God. Free travel routes. Homes with access to the internet and access to prayer. Access to little churches on the route to pray to God and their own one, and all their own Numen. Their connections with their one, God and children, their own family.

To do Numen, your God, your divine connections, your heart, in Latin, “numen adducantur”.