Numen- “a new church”, a place to connect with your Numen, your divine energy that watches over you, and your divine energy watching over your one, kids, family, and your loved ones. — Like “Nunmen”, and also, connecting with your (future) children, and loved ones.

I started yesterday, “Numen”, a church, a route of Numen, a pilgrim-like route with churches, where one can live free, and simply be with their own religion and God, their one, and (future)children, and their own family. A route of prayer, a place of prayer, but for some, a place to simply be. You might sense what God meant for you, you might need a place to connect. Simply space to feel Numen. Numen is, the Divine energy you can feel when you think about your future spouse/love, the one you are born with to be married or to be within life, the twin flame, the soulmate, etc. Also, the feeling you have for your future children, and the feeling you keep for your loved ones, that's Numen, divine energy that watches over. I will work this out and hope to have one day enough funds to build many small cute churches, with simple texts, to keep it simply about all the people themselves, their own God, and their own one, their own kids and families, and how they feel God wants them to live, so they live their own Numen. This is a bit of my “nun work”, and the nuns I had in my life, simply would want you to follow what God tells you.

I worked on this my entire life, a bit like “my work as a nun”.

I live with a Numen.


Examples, of Numen already existing as a word:

( Example: The numen of Augusti, which means the divine energy of Augusti)
(Example: University motto of The University of Wisconsin. Numen Lumen.)
(“pecudum placatur fanguine numen”, God is pleased with the blood of the animal power, )

To do Numen



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