The birth of my husband (Part 18)

And the birth of my kids with me, back again.

Jiska Hachmer
The birth of my husband


The one will know your name… Something you feel an entire life, just like you know you will have kids. You realize at a point thinking back of all you knew before, you knew it, actually. You know who it is.

Then, you meet them…

Don’t respond too fast (to other people, hold on for the one)

It is your gender, the way you are born, with the one fitting you. Yes, they can die. Yes, they can get too sick to get to you. Yes… Both can get sick too. Both can get a lot of problems in life. So, it is even more strange to not do only the real one you feel is yours, since birth, or even before. If that is the plan for you, that is the plan for you, and your one. Also, your kids, it is the one you are meant for, and the kids should be made with that one if you want kids.

There is God's plan: You are born very simply with the one, so you can know your life plan.

You are born very simply as a baby. You will just be, and not yet know the parents, the home, the family, the city, the country, and the world.

You can know at the start of your life not much else than who you are, and what your plan is, it is all you are. You are born with the plan of how life is meant.

Then the home and family you are born into, can be according to the plan, and according to details in the plan. Somehow you can find the one, or achieve things in life to change lives and find the one.

Your existence has a nature.

God has a nature, your one has a nature and you have a nature. If everyone followed simply their own nature, they each find their own one, and everything and everyone will be at peace, all will fall into place according to God's plan. I am raised this way, but my bigger parents and big mom and dad, and all ancestors had seen love is how we live, and survive. Life is impossible, but with love, we do the impossible. They loved their parents extremely much because they found out how everything functions and it functioned, and peacefully, in love, with the one, and with truth, and a very stable life, where everyone knew every baby that is born is actually with another baby, they are two babies. They will meet one day and the other baby is also our child. So, the only task in life was to find one. As long as we do that all will be fine. God has a plan, all will fall into place and they will love their extra children. But, it only works if we do this once, does not mean just someone. It means with the one, the true one. So, seeking our own one could take a long time. So, we would truly find them. It simply takes time. They can be anywhere and in any situation. If his parents also were good at this, with their family all were more simple, we would understand each other and be sure it is the one, as both parents had taught the kids what all families had taught all the kids before, and because of this true success in life, which also makes us happier. So, the happy families would simply meet another happy family, with their new child, which they had kept safe for a lifetime, and now both families will take care of those kids together. This deep bonding with that child as their own made life even more love, true, and successful. To count on each other, and be sure this is God's plan. This is what he brought us. They could feel safe, each member of the family, trust each other, trust God, and help each other. It came with a lot of respect because everyone knew this was God his plan and will. Also, this is a success. All would be successful. At the same time, life is hard, so they knew marriage and love are about that one, which you are born with and is meant for you, and you take all the time for and do everything with, so you survive together, realizing how hard life is and all die and thus they depend on us being as good as we can at this finding our one, so they will also live and survive, is about hells actually. There can be war, all people will die, there can be hunger, which was common, people ate every other day or in turns. People had dying children, all had dead siblings, parents, grandparents, and other family members, and some had to marry again being all alone young after their spouse died. A lot of children had to be adults at 12 years old and take care of siblings because both parents died. Life was going to be hell. But, love changed everything. The people lived in love. The people honored their one and sought the one and gave the one everything, not someone, the one. Early on we got lessons in knowing for sure who it is. It is simply asked. The way the monastery nuns would ask me at 6 years old what I thought God told me that I should become. I was allowed to be in the monastery as I felt alike. But, I felt my one will come, I will marry so I am not married to God. They found I could still live with them, many women were first nuns then married, but only if God said so. They would only do what God said, and it was important we all learn to speak that truth about what we think God says. They then simply believed us as we all would do what God says. So, I was simply myself, always accepted no matter how I was born, and I only had to try to hear what God says, then all is fine. Same with the one. I was born the way I am, this is God his will, I would only learn to seek my one, and all would be fine. Besides I was allowed to be anyone and anything and work on anything. It gave everyone peace to simply agree on God is the biggest daddy. Then all others are bigger parents, and our grandparents the big mom and big dad, and then our parents, and ourselves. The meaning was to become who you think you are, not what they think you are. They would accept you as you are but tell you everything all wished ya knew, as they loved us.

So bigger daddy Nick (Nicolas) told my big dad Pete, what he wanted Pete to tell all the kids. For example, I should buy my one a boll hat from the 20s, This one I have they saw as their son, which was talked a lot about they might be dead by the time I am married, but that is their son, equal to me, their grandson, and they wished him to have some things. This love my one only will get, he is their son. So, he will hear that my old grandpa Nick and my grandpa Pete his son, told about what they and all my ancestors used to do for the new son, buy such boll hat from the 20s or any hat, and a long coat.

Boys had short pants and a boy's outfit. Many boys had one outfit for Sunday, this was a pretty suit always only worn on Sunday for God and all holidays and birthdays. Another suit the boys had for weekdays, was to play in and for school. They would usually have only these two suits. They were short because boys grow fast and this way they had already short pants, also it was easier to play in.

Having such a boll hat and long coat is my grandpa’s Nick and grandpa Pete’s gift to my one, but I most likely had to buy it by then, because they would be too old to live.

I would have to tell him about this tradition all boys when they become men, this is when they marry their one, or when they are grown, but especially when they marry their true one, the adventure would have let to their truth inside, and as a symbol of maturity they would get such pretty long men's suit. No longer the boy's clothes, but a pretty suit for men, and a long coat and a boll hat.

This is deep love which they had discovered, to have all the people in the family tell their wishes for everyone and we would pass that on. So, I can be so sure what my old grandpa which I have never seen, I did see his wife my old grandma, and loved her naturally as my grandma, which made my grandpa the happiest person on earth as he showed me his mom. He lived next to his bigger mom Johanna, in the home beside her. He had his first three children in her home, my grandma lived there too. At a point, he moved to the next home, beside her. We loved her dearly. We loved all of them dearly, but also her. It was very special to have known her. It did make a difference knowing her well, as I remember her well. I had a natural deep love for her. I know many expected babies do not remember much, but I remembered a lot of my childhood, also as a baby. I love this memory of her because I felt I had natural love, also for her. I knew all said I would perhaps not remember her, so I had to see her and try to remember her forever, but I did remember her very clearly. It was also a lot deeper than babies will express, I knew instinctively this is a grandma, my grandma. Also, a loving grandma, and I loved her very deeply. It was what I was thinking about when I met her. I wanted to tell her I love her, but I could not speak much yet. That I was so thinking about this, makes the memories about her even more special. It taught me a lot in life, about true love and true connections and natural love, and that all that die are true connections to us, and don't die. We feel apparently love naturally for the people we never saw when they are family. I would have loved grandpa Nick the same natural way as I loved her. She also loved him very much, he died young, but she loved him. I could trust I love her deeply, she loves him deeply, so I will love him deeply, the same way.

This helped me understand my one and I love us naturally, too. This is a natural bond.

So, my grandpa Pete telling me about what his dad had said to tell me one day and to discuss my one and that he is their son and what he should get, is so sweet to me. It is a precious gift, they found out in life about seeking for the one, but also this game to tell us what they wish we do. I know it is his wish, and it is so sweet to give me one, this makes a bond forever. A pretty wedding gift, from my old grandpa I never saw, but thus knew. We lived with them as if they were still here in this way of expressing all he had ever said, and him wisely being so directly about me, and all my siblings and cousins, that we should know these things, but also as from him to us, through grandpa. So, we would know him anyway.

We had this for every member of the family, so I could also be sure grandpa Nick had gotten that gift from his old parents and all before, it is a tradition, and centuries-long how we lived. With gifts to everyone, knowing who said what, and knowing what they said, and take care we keep telling all grandkids. It makes them alive forever, but also us.

Our family would talk a lot about did we tell all that old daddy would want us to tell them? Also, about everyone in the family, they made sure they talked a lot about them and their wishes and all they said and to tell us. They would look at us and see where we are in life, and who had said what already, and then fill in the gaps. So, we would know all, and know these people well, despite we never saw them before. They had they knew them, it was made clear it is the same as your own grandpa, Pete, to you, that way grandpa Nick is to us.

Holding out for the one has a reason in nature

Everything forced, also in marriages leads to suicide (Pridmore, and Walter, 2013).

Then the people around, saying all kinds of things. Lost people, lost what this beginning is, and will drag others into relationships the way they think it is, now. That is where they are at now. Also, that bad start they have will not lead them to true love, but to what they were taught, or find. They aren't set to love. They do not know love. They are born and raised to not know this beginning. A lot of people do not have memories anymore from when they were in the womb, and a baby, especially lower IQ, has late memories, but these remain lost, if also not naturally correct living. They live something else than their true selves.

They see someone around and believe to take someone. They become the problems in our lives, wanting us because we are around. Obsessed some can be, or with other DSM complexes, or crimes, and lacks, and then use us for that world they think is the world.

Stay true, don’t give in.

Realize the beginning, the plan, and before if you can. Stick to that, and realize where the one is, who it is, what their name is, and what they do.

Their issues cannot become our issues. That is their life, the way everyone is to them, it is not us. They are not me, I am not them. That is their problem. We can understand where they go, because of their situation. We can understand where they stay, in that world, they made, or got.

Some can study this and find out all variables, and absolute truths for each variable, and find the scientific laws and translate that to daily life, so they can learn those true scientific absolute truths, and try to find solutions for themselves. But we are us, and we do know already us. They aren’t allowed to use us. It is like any crime, those criminals aren't right, also not allowed to use us until they finally find out what the truth is.

Criminals could perhaps change their minds eventually, but it doesn’t mean we have to wait on that. They are never allowed to use us. We are not anything of them, ever. We are us.

Living with the one.

Find the one in your life. Does not mean finding just someone. It means who are you? What is your gender? How do you sense, feel, think, and understand? What would your one be like? Realize they can be so much better than you at everything, also in sensing you. It can be, thus you need to prepare for the best.

Do not think they are different from what you know, but they are “different” from what you know. The one is that one you live with already. You will see the same life in the two different lives. Others do not see it, but you can eventually know it.

In the time before the meeting, you can assume all might be him. You should feel they are not, actually. It is a lesson if you lost this feeling and need to learn again who he is.

It means also damages done. It means also criminals, lack of knowledge, and insanity around that tried to use us. Both sides have a world. Did both stay faithful and true to the one? Or did damages come, because of others?

The one is someone else, but not at the same time. It is the same person, living the same, but you live in two different worlds. Like twins are the same but can be living in different worlds, it has differences.

Were the people around claiming you, because they see you? Were they abusive thinking nothing will be true, as they are depressed, lacking, disbelief, lying to themselves, or not capable in love, and not aware enough, now abusing everyone around with their talks and behaviors, even through work? It can be an extreme crime done to people just living their own gender. Compared to gays, and other LGBTQ+ but in two worlds. It can be in one or two worlds, but also in a crime spectrum, and with many DSM complexes, and crime at work and out of hand, even in wars.

We are all like nuns, who let us be that?

The nature in things, the natural functioning. The natural force is you are who you are. Like all gender, you are who you are. You are that. That is what God made. Nuns feel like they are married to god, as a gender. It is their right to be married to God. It is just what they are. No matter the rules some criminals make up through governments, courts, and other jobs, they are who they are. Just like gays, and all other LGBTQ+. All are born as they are.

I didn't marry God, but many nuns are in the monastery like me, not married to God, but at the moment married to God, until they perhaps meet the one and marry. This is all private and personal. Our entire being is personal and with God.

Some might not realize God, some might not sense instincts, intuition, etc well. But they are still what they are.

Some are ill only understanding when you would wear the nun's suit. You are a nun if it's your gender is the truth. They are ill in the mind needing for them the world to be as they understand it, but forget nothing is as they understand it as they are not capable of thinking. They are narcs wanting all to look at their plan in their head, while we live who we are and God's plan. It is not meant such narc gets us the way they need for their brain to understand us. They play us. It is extremely insane to assume we are something they planned, and extremely lacking God to realize the big plan life is. They also lack the sciences and absolute truths. They use jobs, and people for their smaller being. Their lacking being.

It is not a must we understand everyone, but we have this duty to let all be who they are, truly.

The nuns solved this by asking you simply what did God say? We do what God says to us. Does not mean criminals can exploit and pretend God said I can use you. They clearly are criminals twisting this way, and easily spot. They are super extremely insane thinking all other people are smaller than them and to be played. They lack the insight people can sense their crimes, and also realize their crimes, by knowing God and themselves, where God apparently is married to them.

Also, any killer can kill anyone, with a gun, but is he bigger? No. They experience we won from God, killed all people. So, these people can be used in crimes, doesn't mean God isn't existing, or is changed, or is used and now we all do not hear him.

They also can assume, that if we raise a kind without God we have power and God is gone. Life isn't so, it is like gender, no matter who you are our gender is not even our genes, it is who we are, from God.

Even in science, some could be according to the science a gay, or whatever LQBTQ+ but it is not true it decides gender. It could, but is still free to choose, it can have many more reasons.

Criminals hurt others and assume all only can be changed by crime, so like asexuality after rape, or other gender changes, because of life. It makes them assume all are only changed by abuse. To their mind gender is abused by people, that changes gender, it is not truly the entire knowledge on gender, nor the natural functioning and absolute truth on gender, where we know many reasons of gender, still it is a personal way they are beyond genes. It is more like God is bigger than them all, you are who you are despite all.

That must be respected. Gender is freedom, God wins all. During any war, and any suppression people remain who they are. Good people see who people are, truly. Suppressing people only live their own ill mind they used people for, they will always lack knowledge and life. They have no clue and remain not capable. At the same time, they assume they are capable, they are the killers.

So, the others know God and have the power, the truth, even naturally. Science can help us to get to that nature again, or realize what it means in detail, but you are who you are. Science is meant to find the natural functioning, nothing else. It is not made to have power, it is to realize what all is. Like gravity isn't made by humans, but we understand it. So, we can understand God, and people eventually, but we don't have the power to own them. It can seem so, but you don't own gravity. It is what it is. You will learn to deal with it.

So, you’ll learn to deal with everyone's gender, they will be anyway. You can be wrong, but they remain true, and who they are.

You will end up with the one because you are living within a plan.

Because you are who you are, and the one is who the one is, and God is who God is, and you feel that naturally. There is the natural functioning that leads you to the one.

If all are killed you couldn't, but you would still be able to find them and know them, you already live with them. It is a lesson in life if you forgot. You will learn this again.

The ancestors had true love, to survive, they told us through all their kids so it would reach to us, that they had also the duty to seek the one, just like we got from them. They taught their kids we should only seek the one then, all will fall into place. The only duty is to seek the one so all will fall into place and will be God's plan. This is a trick the Homo Sapiens knew. It made everyone happy, but also lead to a deeper bond, the one you have will be their child, and my one is their son.

You will bring their son.

Every baby is born with another baby, which will also be your child. So your one is their extra child.

The bigger parents found this out, and told, the big mom and dad, your own mom and dad, so you would function. But life was so hard, it was actually what they saw that only survived. They would explain, that life is impossible, mom and dad made it possible, thus they loved them extremely, but also what that impossible is. There was death, war, hells, your one is all how you can survive, and even they can die. The kids could be left all alone, with no parents. Life was cruel and hard, but in love with the one, it lasted and worked. They explained this in many details. They saw the fighting ones die out. They saw the liars die. They saw the criminals die. They saw that they were lucky to know the truth and seek simply for the one, and all worked out. It was impossible, but love made it possible. It did have to be the one, not someone, to work. This came with a lot of lessons to realize life, to see what they mean. It was not brainwashing, those would die too. It was like science, knowing all variables and the absolute truth on it and sharing the results. You had to be simply honest to survive. You had to simply honestly seek the one, so you perhaps would find them, but this would give you the biggest chance of survival. The more love, and truth the better life would be. So, seek the one. Life is anyway meant for only that one.

If you think of that road towards each other, towards together, it is a pretty road.

Looking back we had to do nothing, but the one. Looking back it is also about being the best for our kids. Mistakes can ruin everything. Knowing truth would simply end in us living the truth, our true selves, and our true one and giving that gift of finding the one to our kids, who then live simply perfectly, with them. We would all love each other deeply because we realize no mistakes are made, we love and this is God’s plan, this is our true hearts, and we then know each other deeply, and no criminals, lack of knowledge, and insane (not normal DSM but dark triads, and crime spectrum and insanity at work, etc the real lose insanity with using people is meant here)are let in. We didn't have that, we are safe together, always. We help each other, always, but also naturally, and are totally aware of each other, knowing each other deeply.

Who you are when you meet the one is important, and the meeting can be at any time.

Every step is important. How you survive life. How you are loved, so you can love. You need to be your authentic self so that one can recognize you. No matter how tough you had to push through.

Also, something, most likely, will go wrong. Something, you do not know what in life can go wrong, it can be anything, but you must still find the one through it all. Is it still important over time? Can you heal? Can you fix it? So, someday, you can get the chance to get there. Someday, your one can get the chance to be here.

You will need to focus on being the best you can be, through all, so your one will come, and you'll be ready, no matter when that is.

Also, there is the attraction to each other, the Gods arranging everything.

There is this logic of the universe, and logic from all we might not know but is working for us.

Do not just take someone because of the pressure people created. We should be all alone till we find that one we want. It is what is done for generations long, and now you have to do this. But it's about simply being you, and God arranges all. It does not mean life will always be simple, it can be with harder times. Always you still seek the one. You can realize even more and more how tough life is, thus the more to hold on to the one.

They can be stuck with someone else too, it can be a lot of stories, but it is your story. It is your life. It is you. You and him, and God, and the kids that are planned. You have this work with them to do.

If your family did not do that, or the ones you are born with did not do this, remind you that lots of families did, so, it exists.

Look at your own home, did they do the one? Did they find the one that they were seeking? What were they seeking? The one fitting to them? Just someone nearby, or was the one nearby? Did an entire region not seek the one, but someone? Or found some type for you? Did you not get freedom, and acceptance, so you can be your own gender? You will need to find out what you always felt your one is, before all their ideas. That is the one.

Again, when you meet him, looking back you know. So, when you truly know, you'll know and look back and know all about it. You then share the lessons learned.

You need to keep doing your authentic self and go through many ideas of the one. If you see all the people and assume the one might be any of them, because you do not know, you also have the many looking like the one, which you cannot do.

Also, you cannot make the mistake to let your one walk, either. This does not mean you could try just someone but means you will need to study this and find the dating stages, the love stages, realize what the one can feel like, and realize if the scientists found all the truth already or not. You will need to give yourself the power of studies, and researching, and add research outcomes.

It is a process in you to find all the truths, to find all the things you need to know.

So, at a point you know if you did all right, or wrong?

There are so many chances when you will meet the one. There are so many people, and there is so much to understand, and the one.

This will stand out, and you will see. You need to remain true to yourself to know yourself and the one. You sense him. Others try to be that sensing and pretend they are him. You will need to protect your truth and be simply your truth.

The chance to be in life is like: “2 million people rolling trillion-sided dice and all landing on the same number.” (Daws, nd; Justhappytobehere, 2015).

Or “1 in 10 to the power of 2,685,000” (Taylor, 2015).

see this

see this

It is nearer than you expect.

You can find out years later all the connections to a person, also to your one. It seems impossible, but that's the point it is impossible, but it will happen. There is more to it to make it possible, remain who you truly are, how you are born, you apparently sense what will happen.

Humans live with magic tricks. They live within themselves guessing, because of their senses between their brains and the outside world, they never know anything for sure. Also, everything we do is a human experience, we do not know what senses we need to know all. We only guess and can only compare ourselves to other people, all with perhaps lacking senses and all with the senses between their brains and the outside world. So, we live our own experiences in life (Purves, N.D.).

Also, we are surviving as Homo Sapiens by sharing collective knowledge Christian, and Baker, (N.D), now taught by Hay, (N.D.), which also makes us capable to find “absolute truth”, the absolute truth is “absolute truth” because we remain guessing. Still, we can find all variables in a story and find the absolute truth eventually and share this with each other, all together we make science, and this raises the collective knowledge Homo Sapiens share.

They come at that time they come, but it can still feel too soon

Although you wish so hard for them come now, as it seems too late. They come the way they come, and they come into the world that is made, this is a process too. That world might keep them away longer, or will enter your life too and makes your life harder. It is something you are dealing with anyway, also when you didn't meet them yet, you sensed it and lived with it.

The others that can hurt the one need to be controlled, and also the ones that target kids, etc all of that needs to be controlled. Because you are born competent as a child, with your gender, your experiences, and your rights, which are equal to the human rights adults have. You are born with human rights the children's rights mean. It is made for all not understanding this. It is sad it had to be made, because some people excluded kids from their rights, even with work through the governments, courts, and other jobs, it is all crime. Human rights are also specifically made against them, especially these “workers” at work, and governments and courts so that never happens again (Ruggiero, et al., N.D.).

Also, they can come when all is fine, but bad days come too, you need to remain together, through all.

This shouldn't be replaced by being with just someone for a time, all that time your real one suffers.

It must be the one that also goes through the bad and good with you, they will in any way because they will sense it, and go through all they can sense. But also will get the mental issues too from your problems. Even if you don't get that, they might get that, when your life is too tough, they live it too.

The criminals, lacking and insane don't understand what they ruin, they target anyone, but that anyone could be someone in their world that matters to the world, also for them. So, the world lacks when they attack you or your one, or both, and when you or your one are having it tougher. It might be even an issue you didn't see, and they might just sense it and perhaps wonder why, or know and deal with it alone.

Also, psychologists I know told me that good men won't be around bad moms if we had those. So, the bad men only will be with you when you have a bad mom. They are typical in any way as bad, and using people, so those then use you, and the bad mom, and the bad ex. It is criminal. The good men are smarter and not around when people are bad. So, you need to realize how bad exes and moms are you have and realize how the one is the good one. Normal people are not around criminals, so it is logical for them to not be around.

In any way with that crime they did to you, you are not allowed around those bad for you, so you go away too. The one will come when you have solved the bad people. This is a natural thing. So, when you talk to me as a psychologist I see more about all around, but also if you talk to them, specifically on this topic. Note. I met many bad psychologists in the Netherlands as well, besides extremely good ones who needed 5 minutes to explain an entire situation keeping me and everyone well. As many don't have DSM, exploiters will lie that all have DSM. So, it takes more to realize the good and bad psychologists, especially in bad countries such as NL. Especially in times like these.

It's bad because of the lack of true education, and it's forced, plus coming from crime and cults, and still crimes and cults. In between the people, the normal people were more good than a group there ever was. So, we are built by us the good ones, but the bad ones have times and regions they exploit and where they do their insanities, crimes, lacks and in governments, courts, and jobs, its the human rights violations as well.

So, see through all this, and realize simply good men won't come when you have a bad mom, for example. Life has more of these natural things you can learn. The criminals will always attempt to steal us and brainwash us. This is the same as those bad men, which in the trends today use women to lure other women, at the moment. So, see through a lot, and simply do only your one.

The human traffic through all these crime scenes and the countries, because they do not want you to be who you are, the people are supplies to them. We easily see their own illnesses and how they must be caught and taken out from any job and people, but they ll twist and try to make us look weird. Like discriminations, gay attacks, lgbtq+ attacks, genocide, war, etc their extreme, and terroristic mind and war mind to anyone, it is very narcissistic of them and with many DSM complexes and a crime spectrum.

It is way tougher to sit out life together.

As the criminals make it tougher, but also all things you might lack, or surprises that are also sometimes illnesses, etc that can come. A lot of things can happen, mainly simply criminals, lacking people, and insanities that are causing damage. This can also come through governments, courts, and jobs. You will always need human rights and be ethical, independent, and free individuals with their own ones. It is about protecting you, your true rights, and the truth, which the one is a part of.

Criminals come also from international crimes and trends, where those seek other countries to fall and make them unstable. They can wish for such an empty shallow country, and come to see what we do and make all unstable.

So, remain true.

When you go to your one and see the world there, and thus also the criminals, lacks and insanities around them, and the levels of it, it takes a while to eat that up.

Over time they might change their minds, in the opinions of others around them, while they become themselves, finally and leave the bad people. Leaving bad people takes time.

So, who is everyone to the other people? Are they letting all of us be, truly? Who do we keep here in relationships and through governments, courts, jobs, groups, and locals, while they want to leave? We need to learn why we do things, and to who? We also, go through the un-brainwashing after brainwashes because when finally over one brainwash, another can be done. We also need to go through other things that are done to us. We also, need to get “clean” and get into who we truly are and then find the one, we mean.

The toughest part can be, starting perfectly together, beyond what you see others do.

You do life together, then meet. Then, anything can be happening. This can be tough a time but you will anyway just be there whenever. So, just anything could be up at the time you meet.

Then you need to prove it works, daring to get together, and then all still can fall, also, because others are around that don't handle it, or respond in a way, from the sum of life they are, and that influences us.

It is all to think of. Always we need to think of what do we do to others? Do we let them be? Do we respond perfectly to them?

Looking back two ones together can be tough for the others.

Still, the outcome should be that all get their one. So, not take it from us, nor take it from them, just know you and your gender, and your one.

So, what should we do to achieve that?

When you found yours, do you feel a duty to share your luck with others? How they can find them, perhaps, too? How well do you teach others?

It is more serious, private, personal, authentic, unique, and still something to share, so others can compare inside with themselves, and learn to discuss all input inside too, with themselves and their ones, the way they perceive that.

Do you create the best for all, so they find their ones?

Eventually, it remains something for themselves and their Gods…

Some let their one 100 years alone. Sometimes you do not know what happened to the one.

You can only know you, and then the one. You have the gender you have, and you have the one you have. The lives you have is the lives you have. There is a plan, there is a natural functioning, and you can learn to feel that natural functioning. Holding out for the one has a reason in nature, it also is a time to be silent and learn who you are.

The silent time I was given by my one is one of the most precious times.

Others that want to ruin that time with their idiotic ideas, which they sometimes even dare to call work, are just shallow ideas. I get more from my one from just being silent together, as we know a lot of those moments, being on and just together. We also know many chats and many talks, but the silence is a gift he gave me. I did say I might need it, I don’t mean it as a break or silence because he says too much, it is the silence I sought to feel him.

I would before we met where I was always with him forever since, want to be in a monastery, not the monastery as a nun I said no to because I sensed God didn't plan such life for me although I live about the same, but the monasteries where one can go to without being a nun to meditate. I wanted to connect to my one, which is more than just a meant husband to be in this life. I wanted to learn all there is to learn to just sense him, to feel who he is, and be perfect for him, as I know it is within me what he needs as I am his one.

This journey like many do asking the one on their journey, is a precious time. I already knew him from the start of my life, we lived life together, and I am a nun-like for him. So, I would not need such monetary time, as I already have him. But I wished it still and didn't push it, I did not demand when we met to wait and then go to such monastery to feel him.

I noticed I needed the silent time too. To sense within me, there he is, it is the same person, as I always knew he is. This has been a lot of time to spend in silence to know.

It is not finding someone new, it is someone you know.

If we ended up alone 100 years, it was what it was.

Perhaps not God's plan, perhaps just criminals around keeping us away from each other, but we know ourselves.

He gave that most precious time. I learned from him that just being on and being silent means more than anything. I just asked it cause I thought I needed a bit of silent time with him. But it meant more than I ever knew, looking back it's the most precious time. Also all talks and all we did, but if one marries I think one would seek this foundation or this silent time where you can be together, simply together.

Looking back before we could talk as much as we wish, or be silent together as much as we wish, is actually all the same. This silent time together will bring you to who you are and with that one you are born with and will show it is the same story you already were in, and it's him, from that story.

It is a lot more precious a gift than you would think because you would love to do so much together, but the silent time makes you connect deeper.

So even if all alone I know he would be there.

We now lived everything together, we shared everything together, but also on a way deeper level.

I choose to be nun-like, as I felt it is who I am. I have been extremely bullied for my gender, and extremely harassed and insulted and interfered with, discriminated against, etc, the worst crimes I saw happening and the biggest disrespect. All knew, so it is some came out to be criminals as they know as it was openly known who I am and what my gender is, and how I live for my religion, which is a very common way of living as a mom with kids all alone raising kids. Women used to live in a place like a monastery alone with the kids, so no men would come there, and no one would interfere, and they could live peacefully alone, together.

They disrespect, they can't even handle a normal nun without a suit. They need for their insanity a suit, so they can see it's a job or so. No, it's gender.

But I got my one, and all the years I had him and always I had him, but we went on the deepest levels, and I am grateful he did.

We had hells to live in life, but we did it. The most precious moments are the silent times we had. It is so deeply the most precious moments. It was weird of me to ask him that because we had already known each other so long, but he did give me that.

All those criminals around that think they are someone, abusing everyone with their idiotic ideas and weirdest thoughts, don't give in, don't be with them, avoid them, turn them in into the jails and wards, and be free with God, the one and your kids.

It is what all know in all religions, God is with you, but also your one. For some the one is just God, everyone has a different gender. I have my one as my gender.

I will leave the honor with him to ask me.

The ring I bought him to remember our special time, including the most precious silent moments is now full of memories. The engraving I could give it is now full of personal things we lived. So, I do want to marry him, I should have and we most likely would have if online marriage was possible years ago when we met. But how for us things went now, because of all around us, and some targeting us, and extreme crimes we saw happen. We had more time together, and more of our deeper level communications where I learned actually that is being married. People that are married have this true unconditional love, not just together and sounding unconditional, because you just stay together. It is about the true feelings, the truth it has. It is the one who is loving forever, in all situations. Also, I learned you are married to the one, this I knew and we married as little kids already, also because it felt married already since the start of life, but you truly are married to the one. It is what you live within.

The memories we have can be so deep, marriage is something that happens between two, and the marriage ceremony is simply something coming out of it. Like best friends falling in love, we also have, but it has something like best friends we can do with everyone, but then it's married to one of them. It is a thing you shouldn't just try, or think it can be anyone, but it is something like that. Although it can have many ways, like twin flames, soulmates, meant a spouse you know that you will marry, because you are with them already inside since forever. It is this own personal inside where you know you live that with the one. It is just simply truly someone. Like a best friend and he would be sad if you skip him. I am sad too if he skips me. But it is also a lot of lessons you learn together. It is together.

Then, looking at marriage things, I did my entire life for us, as I knew I wish to marry him one day when I was little but is now something way prettier to look at. The one he is forever, but it is all these moments in time are different, it is not better, it is sad if we would have missed all we lived before, but it is also now prettier to me, because of the many memories we share.

I still should have married him when I was 16, we might could have. I should have married him at 20, I could have, but someone came around raping me and I got kids, so we got a tough life from there, I did know my one already. So, it was very brutal what we lived.

I should have married him later on when we met many times but realized we are truly together, and we never left each other's side again.

Then I should have married him any day in between and after, there were so many days of special moments and lessons and learning he indeed loves me and is the one. It has been a deep lesson for me. I asked weirdly the silent time too, besides what we already had, but he did. It gave me this precious time where I can sense inside myself as I am and where I always knew him, as it goes back to my start in life and all in between.

Then, I should marry him now or any day where he asks me.

At the same time, there is no pressure, I adore the time we have.

I actually expected a long time in life to never get married, I wanted to be sure who my one is. Also, I thought we might never marry because we love anyway. We love so much, so marriage is not per se needed.

Now in the time, we shared in the past many years, I learned it is what we are. We are married in any way. Marriage I learned with him. I love we learned about marriage and all the love stages and dating stages and marriage stages. It is being married. The true love married that's all we look like.

I love how science can show who we are. I studied a lot about us in the past years, finding out all the details about us. Science truly can show you where you are at with someone, if you you keep searching and eventually find the correct research, where you see it's about you. There are so many love types, you will need to know yourself and study yourself and him to know eventually what you are together to recognize it all.

I found it a very beautiful time to find out who we are. I knew us, but it is pretty to take that personal time with your one and find all out.

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