The birth of my husband (part 19)

And the birth of my kids with me, back again.

Jiska Hachmer
The birth of my husband


Luck is the one, and together married is the home of the kids, and the home of their plans. Born married to him, knowing him forever. Any other is pretend and perhaps some do it to feel lucky for a while, but having someone else is not the hard work you do with the one. It is natural you and him, naturally, how you function, naturally how each variable functions and is related together and caused by each other, into a sum, a logic, nature.

Finding the one

Well, finding each other and being together is not hard from the beginning, at all times, it depends on where you are born and with who, but also what happens over time, and who targets you to ruin it. What around pretended your "marriage" with others had to be, which is thus raping together the actual one, it is not the true one, but your one feels a sudden change of plans and abuse. Also, if you dare to realize it, it is human trafficking, exploitation, human rights violations, interference, force, and trying to influence if others are dragging you or your one into things, and in any way actually unnatural, no matter how hard one tries to make it seem the one, and hides the true one, as no one can check on it, and while all are taught ways against finding the one, thus end up wrong, or any other reason why you are not with the one. It is also, not being your true gender, and self. It is not your authentic true being, and how God made you and planned it.

Only if you do the one only and keep that spot for the one, you do Gods plan. If both do that, God's plan will be done. You also need to listen to all the other things you know you should do, or where you should move to and when, to live it even better, and you'll have to learn to do that together, but just someone, whoever you meet instead is not the one and makes it harder for the true one.

How I am raised, is a centuries-old habit.

Only with the one you can do life, life is too hard without them, and they depend on you. God planned you two together and counts on you, also your family wants that extra baby, you are born with, that one you marry was once a baby too, and is also actually their son. They love him as much as they love you, it is their child that would come later on in life to them. They lived for him and want you to do your best in finding them, then, they meet him one day. Also, if they die they have this assurance you are in God's plan, so you are safe with that one, that is God taking care of you two.

If you are not Dutch, or new in our country, or lived not like the actual Dutch with your family despite being Dutch, you might not understand this is taught to everyone in our country for centuries long. It came from ancestors which also some centuries ago came from countries around our country. It is English, Scandinavian, Nordic, Northern, Western European, perhaps also German, and from Belgium and France, and other European countries. Perhaps even the Greeks, who also created the first democracy and are the foundations of the entire Western world, made this idea.

Only Spartans were kept as soldiers which is a kind of slavery to the way they did that and made everyone not Spartan their slaves. Slave to be a soldier and taken from your parents at seven to be soldier, and strive against all other countries and even city-states in Greece. But, the actual Greeks, especially in Athens, lived with ethics, democracy, equality, and had room for art, theater, and being who you are.

It might be from the Celts or other tribes in Europe. It might be from all humans like mammals love their children naturally, it might be such same habit among the Homo Sapiens, or all humans. Or it might be what animals do, as birds do the same.

I was raised to do only my one, and he is also my grandparent's and ancestors' son. They dreamed of me when I was little and of the one who made God made for me, thus also for them, as they have this role of being his bigger mom and dad too. Not to use him ever, but to spoil him, as their extra son, equally compared to me.

The true connection with yourself, is also, with your one, and your future and now alive kids.

It is who you are. So these people that are just taking someone, are not so themselves and not so well understanding how normal people realize they are naturally and with God. They are unnatural, dragging all others into their mess. They are trauma bonding, with their wish of stealing and using people, their narcissism, and their dark triads mind and behavior.

Their shallowness, their disconnection to themselves and their one, and true mission in life, the true God's plan, and whatever you realize is connected to this, is very untrue, but they play a part and act as if it is the truth, suppressing the true one their spouse is born with. They do not bring their one, to their true one. They are not their best friends asking deep enough questions to know who that is, or not best enough friends to realize to help them find their true one. They just took their place and took from them. That is unfriendly actually, and just using someone.

Thus also the future of the children is horrific if you meet such a trauma bonder instead of your one.

They do to them what they do to you. And they keep you trapped with their crimes, lack of knowledge, and insanities. It is not as happy as how we live it with the one. So, their future is not as happy, too. Plus, stuck in the body of that raper, user, criminal, that tried to pretend to be ours, as they get some % of them too, so they will have to live with that.

So, some might not realize well what it means and are just with someone, but their one might know and feel the pain, and miss the life meant for them.

You remain your ones

Life is beautiful though. You remain forever his, your one his GF, true spouse, and love. Even when married wrong, which is simply done to a person, as we all know how kids are born and made. Someone just did a small moment something to ya, but it can have a network of people around pushing, forcing, abusing, and keeping you trapped. Or others with ideas and interferences, and target a group to live a certain way, etc.

True love is more non-verbal

Communication is anyway between 70–93% non-verbal (Spence, 2020), but with your one, spouse, twin-flame, or guardian angel, it is even more non-verbal, it is the one you love most, and have most near, and is always with you. The connection is deepest. It is not the formal chosen one, you need to do formal things with it. You can make it formal, but the talks are more personal and made a language between the two of you.

Showing love, else he thinks you look at someone else

True love is inside, but if you do not show it, he cannot know you mean it. So, true love brings together, will keep together, and is a naturally functioning relationship, it is always true love you love actually, despite what is chosen on the outside, but needs the show too. He needs to be able to ask you from his soul if you mean it. He needs to sense you do mean it and then feels the oneness. Same for you, but he needs it too. So, it can be a seeking inside is he not sarcastic as the one, and meaning it, but he can ask same, are you this promise I always felt. The promise of the heart and love, do you really give it now. Despite all you have been through you ll have to get in the heart the way innocent kids can, that have not lived life, because he knows ya that way. Not yet the damaged ways, when you are young and lived some damages. He will learn and become perfect with that, but that can take time. So, it is while you know it is him there is a lot of work, but it is worth it. Looking back it is not so much you gave, you always want to give more, work harder, and not ever give up. It is useless to give up, he remains yours, the work will have to be done, he is yours, it is him, that work is only for him, so all you did for others is not meant for those others and now he will need it, so you will have to deliver. That is a process of learning to speak, and learning what the damage is in each other and learning to stay faitful and just give all. When others say things to our minds, we can not doubt about the things that happened before, because you ll recognize him and not doubt, you know it is him, but if he knows all you lived with him that you can doubt. Also, he can develop still in realizing what he has lived with you, and suddenly show it is true, and he indeed lived that too, and can even show you, but that can take years.

We became best friends, and that makes sensitive and gives an awkardness to pass. I also wanted some weird things, like silence, and him in my inbox of my email. Those weird silent dates he does also give. Just being together so I can sense him.

We were always, we are always, we will always be.

How to solve the one with someone else? Stay true, if one starts with staying true they see eventually you won't give up truth, they will not be betrayed. It is like a big elephant in the room that traumatized people can have, that were abused, and now do not trust you.

They are like your babies actually, you take care of, they are like your children, but then you grow up with them as friends, or as love. You have love, but it can be you start like little children, just sweetly as friends, it is something a child might not think of. We learn possibilities over time with our body, mind, and soul growth. But you have an influence, or for some who are more spiritual, or a medium can be more aware of this and even help each other.

The feeling of them being like this other baby born with another but meant for you might prepare you two for having kids. So much on that journey with each other is like teaching your children things in life. They learn from how well you do this bond, they can see how you find the one, or miss the one, and what it means. So, they see what they can do with their one. But also you will be raised by your one too, or have the influence and recognize them when you meet, it is a way in your life, but this is also how you two will do the kids you will have. It is a living style or ways how you teach and were raised by each other. It is preparing for the babies that will come.

The connection with your one can be the same way you connect with your future child or alive child. You can make your one and children already feel at home and try to sense what they mean.

You can not only do your best but also develop so you are a better person, you can connect with them, and listen and realize the plan and influence on each other, how they also have plans and dreams and thus reasons why they need to be somewhere, and at what moment in life.

You can realize God sometimes has important moments why a child must be born now. You can try to be on time and if not just learn so you can restore.

If you realize life is actually together with your one and children and ancestors and God's plan, you realize what is meant is meant, and things happened along the way, it is not broken, it is to find new ways to each other, puzzle and research and learn what it means.

What do they feel? What is science? What more can you wonder about and find out? This can take time, but you will find answers and can change the things that happened to you, eventually, when you get smarter.

It is like if you met as babies, what could you do? If you met as children, who would address your behavior correctly? Would you understand what he would say? Do you hear how to raise yourself, your one, and your children, already? Some kids do. Are you better a parent than your own? Are there more parents, like good bigger moms and dads, thus the grandparents and all grandparents before that remain your parents too? How can you do your best? How can you be the best you can be? How can you prepare for that moment that he will come? It is like preparing for when kids come, one day. If you did better as a child, teen, or young adult then you have an easier life most likely when being a parent. You can try to prepare yourself for being the best.

Then, he comes, but that can be hard, as it's two worlds you lived together, but they can respond differently. So, you need to find each other, and how it functions. That is like all science, find all variables, the truth of the variables, and the relationships, and which one causes the other? How are they in the math formula? What is a scientific law? Also, how is this translated to you, and your one, and the kids, and your life together?

He remains yours. He might learn what other people mean to him. He will see and will need as much as you need it, that his one is faithful, even if he tries others, or if he is trapped. The same can happen to you. He might save you, but love is love, he'll not always be able to save you. Or needs time. The same for you. But you will grow and become.

You get the chance to address it in the perfect way it had to be. You will find out what that eventually was. You can look back and see what is most logical, where did you actually have to meet? What had to happen all those months after it? You can redo that.

You can together go through that. It is beautiful a discovery where things had to happen, and how you could have had that planned life, but got the life you eventually got, and how you now can do the things right. You can change the months now and add all that is missed. It is learning and growing with the one.

The most beautiful love, and most logical.

Eventually, you will see why. No matter how many boyfriends one might try, there is this once-in-a-lifetime. One love, actually. No matter the people you got around, no matter the kids you got, and the life you got. Also, you can learn how it had to be done and change that, to it. You can get that love. But it starts with being faithful and understanding why you live like a nun for ya one.

Let's do the dream, I always tell him now.

And all we live is so beautiful, every second means so much more. We knew us a lifetime and knew it would be like once in a lifetime, and it is. We just address the things that happened to us and get it back to the perfection it actually is. We were so close by the way, it was not much different than what we did together. We met many times, and the many little different things that could have been caused are beautiful to see.

It is the same plan as how I was born and told everyone what he looked like, I did that since I was a baby. Knew his name since I was 8. We lived many moments together, and he taught me so many things.

Now, we realize what we meant when we admitted love a long time ago, every second means more. He shows more we can do per second.

I see the dating stages dating has, how different my country and his country does, and how much deeper too in a different way, with more steps. I also, understand we felt married from the start and got shy and sensitive and awkward, a bit, or silent, impressed, or learning what all means, as we are also best friends.

It is an amazing ride, and someone you love so much, you eventually understand the logic of why he is the one. You love him most, truly just always love him and feel, no he didn't mean the way it came across and see eventually that feeling is true, and see how each can learn, and how we were kids, and learn to address us, to that plan we have together. Everything is more meant, more what you know actually, and what you dreamed of and now you can address it to that, with him.

We could have met in the first years of our lives in the way we did past 20+ years, but I do not know if I could be this big to address us as kids. Some can, he might could have, but me? I don't know. Then in our 20s, we met the way we forever had, it is about the same, and so the sweetest love, the best love, the luck, and the wish, the dream, but also learning. Then, now, it is reliving everything too, besides the ways we are now we got closer and closer and taking more steps.

We see how the months back then had to be, we address it all now. Love won't stop even if we had died. He is the same logic in my next life! The same how this life began with him, the same how it will end with him in my heart and soul, and luckily also in my life. The same is how the next life will start, with him. It will also feel the same when we meet then in real life, and when we will make that to when we meet in the same room. I always want him with me and in my life, every second, and he will make all those seconds prettier.

There are now so many days we celebrate.

I never understood what our day is, because we always are together, so I started counting from a day I saw he was still inlove with me. Then collected the many days we actually could count from. Many beautiful things happened between us that I now count as important days.

The silence and time to just be with him he gave me is a huge gift. I think the one is as shy, or as nervous, or needs as much security you will stay, but he can know you better and gives you what you asked, and knows you might need it all slower than you want.

Now we are, while we always were but since I realize we are indeed truly as we admitted love and then changed the way new parents change with babies and you need to get to know your partner again in this new way, and I love it, it is so special.

I love I wake up in this reality we always were and are, and I had to simply understand dating stages and learn to talk to him about everything and he reads and listens like some old people that met on a graveyard when their spouses died and they start to read poems together, poems the woman wrote and he loves to hear. It is a deep love, but this gives space and telling every word I already thought to him my entire life since the womb, and before.

So, he can hear I love him and I can sense he is him. It is so much more love than I ever told, expressed or wrote about. I think no one ever wrote it down, that deep it is.

I love I can finally tell. He would say ya could always tell, but I had to learn to tell to him, and to realize it had happened to me, and that life is a lot more perfect, and we can go live that dream.

I learned he remains always mine, no matter if he could live it, if he is kept busy he is kept busy. I learned it is more important, to just be alone and give it your all, and survive alone for him, as criminals target you when you are alone.

We are raised to be alone as women, we were raised better than criminals. Women always in our country lived alone until they met the one. We have homes for them still, all independent living but in places where men are not allowed.

If you just go into it, and stay true to you actually know he is perfect, you will see he is, cause that feeling is true. If you just go into it like a nun would be alone with God for weeks and weeks on water and bread, you get your dreams come true. If you just sense God on it, you hear he loves him too, and he is his child too, and he knows he is perfect, and knows he is actually feeling you and means other things than others see, but he will say he is not wrong in a way to punish him, but he is learning like you, or wanting you to do things you should, but do not realize. So you might even blame your one he is not awake, but you might actually be not awake as he might gives more of his true self, but is now on another path because you werent awake, and doesnt even want to be there completely, or somehow got there, and wants you actually. That God helps with. It is better than you expect most likely. It is a deeper process and road to get together, but also simpler.

I think if you give it 20 years at least you find him, and you can find the variables in the story, research them, learn how to place everything and just see through the dates he might had, and show you live through this hells pain for him. He will eventually give up others to date and see, the one remains.

I find it is about how you are born is true, he is your one, it did happen, then to understand the get together can be harder because others say things to you and him, and that is a variable you need to understand and learn and perhaps teach each other about.

Also, all the people in the world he meets can love him, because they mistake, or find him look better than the love their one gives, or they do not know their one, or just have other ways of loving, then, he might need to learn who they are, and need to learn to place it or find ways to safe him from that.

My one saved me from a person I could not get rid of and never wanted. I also, actually always only had my one, because I was only seeking him and I did mistake weirdly once before this person I could not get rid of, because they look the same actually.

I learned he will learn to be faithful, because I am and he just places the others somewhere it will eat him alive inside. I did tell many times before I did not like it, because men can just try women to see if they get hurt if they "cheat".

You can over time sense what he means actually, and understand everything. You will see he places things, it is a work, you must help him with. You will see it seems like you take everything from him, and he just cheats, but actually it is your one learning and you can help where you can, and can study on it and help him.

You can learn how to say it best too, and he will help you and find all you cannot do, and help you do it in better ways, it is love and learning.

Maybe if you both had the same mother he could not cheat, or she would explain to you what he needs and to him what you need, she would address you two together, but that is not what life is, so you will be the parents together, and this might be because you get babies together most likely, you will have to learn to be good parents.


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