The birth of my husband (part 18)

And the birth of my kids with me, back again.

The true connection with yourself, is also, with your one, and your future and now alive kids.

It is who you are. So these people that are just taking someone, are not so themselves and not so well understanding how normal people realize they are naturally and with God. They are unnatural, dragging all others into their mess. They are trauma bonding, with their wish of stealing and using people, their narcissism, and their dark triads mind and behavior.

You remain your ones

Life is beautiful though. You remain forever his, your one his GF, true spouse, and love. Even when married wrong, which is simply done to a person, as we all know how kids are born and made. Someone just did a small moment something to ya, but it can have a network of people around pushing, forcing, abusing, and keeping you trapped. Or others with ideas and interferences, and target a group to live a certain way, etc.

True love is more non-verbal

Communication is anyway between 70–93% non-verbal (Spence, 2020), but with your one, spouse, twin-flame, or guardian angel, it is even more non-verbal, it is the one you love most, and have most near, and is always with you. The connection is deepest. It is not the formal chosen one, you need to do formal things with it. You can make it formal, but the talks are more personal and made a language between the two of you.

The most beautiful love, and most logical.

Eventually, you will see why. No matter how many boyfriends one might try, there is this once-in-a-lifetime. One love, actually. No matter the people you got around, no matter the kids you got, and the life you got. Also, you can learn how it had to be done and change that, to it. You can get that love. But it starts with being faithful and understanding why you live like a nun for ya one.


Spence, J. (2020, February, 18) What percentage of communication is nonverbal? Lifesize,Mehrabian%20in%20the%201960s



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