The birth of my husband (Part 20)

And the birth of my kids with me, back again.

Jiska Hachmer
The birth of my husband


This I wrote 2 years ago. Before this all was a lot better between us than I knew. During the stages of love, you wonder where you are. You wonder where both are. So, I wrote from that point in the middle of the wondering. i did know bad influences causes us to not know precisely all details to be saved from people around that try us. It is about little details you know or not know, so, I knew we had to learn what it is. We clearly love, we clearly loved, we clearly forever love. So, I could only be who I am, and that’s his. If it wasn’t him, I still had the same issue, I have a one. I keep that spot free. So, I also knew it’s gender.

Since then, I studied on us, as I saw us, and knew all between us and learned the meaning even better. From start, the love was clear, that he is mine is clear, the precise man I knew, and I knew it had to be same, all the love, dating, and marriage stages we did, but I sought why others could do this to us, to target us and keep us apart. I sought why we could fall into such, as we were, we from start told it’s us, so we actually truly knew, and then all them came. We then had to learn about their illnesses, their crime types, their lack of knowledge and usage of people. How they marry precisely to ruin people, to just be jealous and end up in crime scenes and also some do it even more planned.

We knew already about what he saved me from how narcisistic that was, of those, also precisely how they related to eachother to do this. It’s nothing personal, it’s random, they d do it to anyone. So, we did know the people now around him are same, just random, cause ya passed the city they lived in. Or because you are someone in a job and they target those.

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We all start life depending on what our parents did in love, did they search for the one, find the one, only marry the one?

This part I did not yet write out. It is the same as part 19, and all I say in all parts. It does depend on that. We depend on that, while we are who we are. We do also carry the genes of the family and are parts of the family. So, also centuries long influences us, on who we are. But the idea of the contract before life also fits.

These 31 points in this next article, about the relationship of twinflames we did live. We went through it, and typically have differences, not a big age gap, but there is a big spiritual gap. He is a bigger spiritual, and I lived it as also my guardian angel. I know how I survived life and how I still always live. So, all I lived as a child, I can place with truth I have today.

I had simply him, I would count more as a we, but he finds me a she and him a he, which i also agree on, as it matters in a lot of things. I meant as a child, i came myself on all things I did, also in class I did do all myself, but he also was there. So, I knew things none ever told me and I seemed mature because of it. Things a child cannot know, and needs lessons for. Also, staying healthy and good despite all happened. Also, a lot more, the entire being I felt as one. But I do also agree with the he and she. It is also typically made sure I am myself, by him. But I said we, till I was 9. Today such text would be normal, it was not abnormal, but more a thing people change into I.

So, lots lived it all same as me, but we were explained to use I, as we mean ourselves, that’s the person doing the things that we do. So, even if we thought about advice of others, or get help from others, also if it’s from God, or any other way, we are doing it ourselves, so we say I feel, I think, I did. Etc. So, I didn’t disagree with it. I do feel better we can say we. But, it still needs some understanding if one would use it. It can be sounding like other types of we, and eventually this we, means still, I and him. Or I.

I came myself to the word twinflame. Because he was my twin like. I named him my siamese twin, when I was little. I lived it like such. He would say soulmate more, I think. But, I lived it as twinflames. That then lots live it same is typical. We all naturally live it so. Also, we were raised so, that the one you’ll get in the future should be this one only as we depend on eachother. So, what I say in part 19 is precisely true. But during life we do live these stages. Stubbornly hold on was best for me. He also appeared early in my life, as the middle of my life. And I in his. Accidently, weirdly, and as most in the middle, while it is not to understand how such thing could be planned. So, we lived also as kids, and teens, and young adults very together, also with more signs in love that he loves me. So, I had to learn a lot about it. To place it correctly. We did get kinda a culture shock in dating differences, in the different cultures. That was more shocking as we lived without problems before we met. We also share the same family, far away, but the ideas are very same.

Twin Flame Reunion — 31 CLEAR Signs It Is Coming [2023] (

The 8 stages did happen, I think I thought we would not have such issues, as we always lived well and knew each other already, and in the middle of our lives. But then the environment and all criminals came attack, so, we had to go through learning about the lacks they have, the crimes they do, the dark triads they are, the lose they are and just randomly use people, so stay stubborn with your one is needed, extreme, beyond you knew already. Also, see it as, it is not a real other he is with, when he is. You know its targeted, influenced, used. You know. It is not you so its not real. It is harder to believe this when he did not yet admit its him. It is the same in the end. You need to just find him, and you shouldn’t guess is it him, you will get to a point, you know it like as if ya are trown through the floor, and all God told ya just is true and you wished ya were even better all ya life, while ya worked so hard, and weren’t bad. It is shocking real and deeper, and he ll love back. You won’t believe it, while ya knew he had to, it’s logical, and ya already know perhaps even as he’ll tell. So, then, before this immense hit of the truth, and while ya become one and know forever ya not the same again, it is the moment God choose, and he’ll keep celebrating it suddenly in some years. You’ll see he’ll make the days, like birthdays, and like real anniversaries. We tried sometimes to make relationships, and kids, and plan birthdays and plan marriages, but he comes around, and it is with what he always said to you. So, it is kinda a judgement too. It is shocking and placing all into place. You’ll learn the logic of stubbornly hold on. Forever you understand that’s just all you can. Be you, and just accept it, and learn what all means and be the best you can, which include just do ya real one. No others.

So, it is eventually about who starts with being faithful? You know both actually are, but it is a hard lesson. So, the turmoil, the toxic part is ya never had issues, ya did accidently say things wrong, or sarcastically which he took literally and lives out an entire marriage as ya tried to say, couldn’t you just keep me, but said “Can’t you keep a GF?”, while he said he wants to break up with her. And you know within its for you. But he wont say etc. The “toxic”, but it means one has to start staying truthful.

It is then years that the other fears, what if she changes back to that moment that was so hard, where he walked into my life and saw what others had done, and it can end up us with others? Not even my fault, not even his fault, but the idea that others can cause this, made him like fearing that option, we might not end up together.

You’ll have to simply be true to you and live it out. It is the same as living out dating. So, it is actually like ya date a boyfriend, or as a married couple, as ya born married, and ya might marry inside in some dreams or play as a child with him. Which you take serious and forever is serious, because love, dating, marriage is about the emotional bond.

It is about who you are.

It is about sensing your body, and emotions, and be truthful, and not just embrace some other truths. But to be simply who you are.

You feel about those sensations and emotions and think about that.

Then, you can be born with your one and be total psychic a medium, or ya find out in life as a less psychic, by dating around. You find your way to know who is who.

So, the ones that know his name since birth, or find that out as a child, and the ones that find it out later, but all eventually know details that make us very sure when we meet him vs the ones not knowing at all much and go around lose, where some are very ill, with many insanities and lunatism that is not just a normal DSM, like dark triads. So, very psychopathic, and as predators that smell people and use them, and cause we all don’t marry the one, or worse kill us for it. Etc. It can be very cold what you meet when you date around. Also, when you stay true alone, true to the one. But, then in this dating around can also be people simply lacking knowledge and ability. Simply not so well sensing the body, and emotions, and end up wrong with someone they met. Or some born with less ability to find the one, as part of their personal plan as the ones, as twinflames. So, very innocent, not knowing a type. You don’t want to be their karma, nor create your own karma. You want the twinflame ya born with.

So, it ends up all same be you. Be best you can. Be yourself the best you can. Learn about love, dating, marriage stages. Belief in you. Embrace and accept you, and not others their ideas. Learn yourself. Do not use others. So, it is like being alone, but there you meet the one. Or over time more and more the one. God told ya so is the moment ya meet him. God told ya so so many times, so do not mistake such moment with some look alike.

Feel your emotions, feel your body. Focus on feeling your body. Feel the real sensations, feel your instinct, feel your emotions. Find truth in you. You are born as you are. Then, you learn the feelings you feel about this, and learn the thoughts you have about it. Also, you can release this, or feel you want action, or feel you are just relaxed and happy. So, you choose what you should. Should you relax more, be happy and feel relaxing feelings? Should you just keep you happy? Or are you actually feeling sad, discomfort or anger and need action, or release. You can release to relax more and feel and think about it better. Also, you can accept these feelings and create better actions. You learn to do all best actions, eventually.

So, either way, if you have a twinflame you are aware of, or date around, you will be focused on these emotions, and finding that one emotional bond that is the best.

Who knows his name, and more details, can check better when they meet that person they think is the one. He might show as promised, he might have issues. He is human too and has issues like feeling ill, being ill, or handicapped, or disabled, or not capable yet, and is learning and growing and adjusting to live and his situations. He is going through a lot, besides having this twinflame situation with you. You both learn to process everything. So, it is not as bad as it seems. It seems turmoil and toxic, it can be, it will be, but it is over time cute. Simply as cute as when we were babies, and when we were kids, when we were twenty is now as if we were babies. Cute little kids. So, sweet. What did we know? We did so well as babies, kids and teens and twenty year olds. It is amazing. When you have kids you realize even more, omg we were babies and aware of us. Thats amazing! That’s all impossible and happening.

The older we get, especially from 40, everything before seems so unfair for younger people. They learn. They also have the best life, especially if we give them that, the way we study babies and kids, we must also know all possible best for the teens, and young adults, and not control them but fulfil everything with all so they can take it and use it in their lives to be best.

Just gifts from us to them. Like gift them the best we can. Spoiled and happy, and also all space to be who they are, and find all their own truths. Just sensing their bodies, and emotions, and not be used. Just be who they are, and give what they want. But, also study this, and research it. So, like find the good food. Find the real one. It is such special time. Not to use, influence, control, but to give too and wait and see when they are 40 plus. How great they married and have kids now.

Then with the one comes these stages of yearning, glimpses, and meeting the one, or have some meetings with that are glimpses, and falling inlove, and again and again as we should also fall inlove again and again with the one as they also change over time like all people in life. But they also remain who they are within, like us. We are born as who we are, so it can be changes and keeping ourselves as we are. It can be both. But the point is to accept who we are, truly. Then, the dream relationship. It always was, everything is a part of it, but it also had these moments of meetings and glimpses and the yearning and falling inlove, the entire love between the two, where you learn, and this can become a toxic time a while, or turmoil, but it is learning. You can add sciences, and find the top best science. You can study yourself and others, and can add to the fields. You can learn. You can do that in some ways, like stay with God, listen to yourself, learn about love, read science, or make science, research, investigate, or simply be you, and wait and see. There is a lot you’ll sense to do, so do what ya instinct tells ya and learn to not be influenced by others. In this turmoil, you can be running and chasing. It is cute, like a highschool sweetheart, you can run after. You learn how serious the love is, and you shouldn’t be chasing the wrong one, and find simply the real one. He has issues, you have issues, life has issues, so it also gets real. This could give all kinds of moments of turmoil, toxic and cute running and chasing, which becomes all cute when ya older, looking back how kids find love, is cute.

The surrender stage and reunion, it is an entire life the same feeling as well, i find. I had it as i am his anyways. So, it is also perhaps about what God has planned and what the “contract “ is. I had stay nun like for your one. I had write about it, tell about it, and sometimes just live it, and wait on him. I had research it, add to the field, too. But not like dating coaches, etc. So, it is also personal, with God, or maybe not always if one does not believe in a God, but to me it was so. It is about being who you are.

Surrender to who you are, and know he is who he is. Know you are who are together as well.

The reunion is to me always, but also had many moments and eventually it is from this spiritual oneness and finding out while living dating out, that all was actually happening at once, marriage, dating, love stages and twin flame stages. Also meeting stages and many lessons in non verbal communication and learning to communicate in many ways, and stubbornly remain who you are, and stubbornly remain together. Eventually it is a lot about how is society and all around? How criminal, lacking and insane? How much influencing, lying, using etc. How many lose people? How many lose dark triads? Also how many of them lose and at work? What they target? So, we clean up a lot. We remain who we are and solve a lot. It is a lot of work, all worth it, for yourself, the one and the kids. No one should live in such bad place that influences badly and uses people.

So, the physical reunion we had a lot too, but we need to clean up so much to freely be.

So, it is a lot of things.
So, also, all kind of things like this, which is a turmoil suddenly, while all was perfect. Suddenly such “toxic”, for us thank God more like some turmoil, and mostly around, ourselves stubbornly holding on and not giving us up. But the dreamman you had, and which you eventually met, and the dreamgirl he had and he eventually met, but then it is within this turmoil, of life. Of all people around targeting with their motives, and ideas. It makes no sense, it is traumatic even, but it takes perhaps 15 years to know the details, to heal and solve and be fine again.

So, it can mean ya don’t end up with making kids together. Or with fears causing that. Cause simply you both had to stay faithful and not do others, or at least start with that, as the one who starts staying faithful. Society can be a hell about it, so it is not simple too. So, you had to simply be stubborn and hold on, but some are raped and get kids, like I had, and they as criminals are so targeting and trauma bonding, that is not your fault, it is their actions but done to you and your twinflame and kids and families and networks. It is very targeted and damaging a lot more people.

Then, all changes, suddenly he sees it and he’ll keep showing anyways actually, if you study the signs, you see it. You see he loves you, but in a lot of ways science says, like the typical hard to get, typical hiding it and still show, etc. It can be in many ways, and not all science tells all, as it depends on what the researchers know to tell all. But you can study it and continue finding more out. So, you also learn the non verbal cues, etc. It will tell. But, you’ll need to study it a lot.

We all start life as little children depending on others. — Do they not influence them with their lies?

This from here I did write 2 years ago. You see the hard time it is within the turmoil all caused. “Pretending all must be in schools so they find love. All must be used by others, is a lie. It is even officially violating human rights, and a mental illness to copy a brainwash from the past, onto others, as if it's true. In science, it is proven also the worst place, so the most unlogical way to school kids. Where it is clearly a mental illness to be so confused, when schooling is only academics, to do something so unscientific. It shows the lies the market kept, to earn on kids, instead of doing the true function of what it means to be on the market, the schooling, thus also in the best ways, the way science truly says so. Which should be complete truth, absolute truth studied in all details, and only starting if all is absolute truth, with scientific laws, and math formulas. As all products on the market must be perfect before they enter the market. In good science, we first know exactly what to do, then go onto the market, and it is what schooling is for.

It is child labor, made for child labor, so child labor could continue. This pain as it is illegal, is what keeps it going, too hurtful, so who can handle the truth? All putting it aside, as if it did not happen, then the next children are used again, as the workers in that market use every next kid.

All ending up with damages, DSM, and crimes because of being used on that market.

None mature enough to do the true science, and change the market the correct ways, according to absolute truth in science.

Even criminally enough to set all up against each other. The ones that truly study and do science, showing it is not the best, as science says so, showing we did not firstly, do the science, then open school buildings, no we did pseudoscience, opinions, child labor as child labor was already the norm. Later on, people simply further exploited the schools, without stopping them, and do the science first, which would lead to the best only before the new product would go onto the market. Even despite human rights, and children's rights, no one, yet, changed this, in the way science and ethics say we should. So, all are there to learn science, but will never do science, that's mentally ill.

It shows people do a brainwash, follow others, social loafing, bystanders effect, and let crimes happen and do not safe humanity and children, thus all the dreams have not shaped the way they should. No one has true dreams after that. “

(Mellow, 2020)

It is like forced into churches, and you must marry the girl next door, only, because she goes to the same church.

“The heart does not work that way. God does not work that way. Why are nuns in monasteries, because their heart says they do not marry the next-door boy, not even from church, they marry God, as their heart has no one that depends on them, they can choose to do God, as they have God there. Perhaps, like genders. Like I have a one in there and is my gender. Like we all have different genders.”

I was even allowed to stay in the monastery until I marry him, as long as God says so.

“I felt I could not, as it is not what the monastery is for, it is to marry God for life, I think. But a lot of women were nuns first, I see why God can want that, to stay faithful. To do important work first, then marry. I see the many ways God can have.

I wanted to be faithful to my one, and thus did not do the monastery, but normal life, in the same way for my one. “

Some assume when you are not in a monastery you can just do anyone.

“It is also hard to not do others when others have ruined all people, all with just someone. It would be easier, all just faithful.

Children are taken into schools to desperately take someone around. Even if you bring them for academics, they end up into crimes as they are with peers together, not to schooling in the way they should to not create crimes. But also, others with other ideas come there, and to not do what the parents want that bring the kids simply for academics, but to do what they want, find someone, using the children from the academics.

Even positive reinforcement can cause DSM, so people need to think a lot deeper than schools make them think. You will actually have to do the sciences and wonder what is best to find the best.

Now people wonder why there is a crime, DSM, damages, and people end up differently than their hearts told them to do while skipping the school buildings, and others dragging them into another world than is meant for them as a cause.

While true academics would find the true functioning of humans and the absolute best ways to do things, thus would create the world, the people only find their true one, and their true self, the way they function, thus also, making the things one needs to function the way they truly function. “

So, since this article, 2 years ago, so much happened. All you do does affect you and your twinflame and kids. It is worth it to work within so hard. You’ll see he did actually also work so hard. The kids too, but they always work so hard, so hard on all in life, so you help them by working hard too. It is all more worth than some criminals on the outside want us to know, and they ll say different things. They’ll have many lies. They trick us hard and want us to worry. So, just stubbornly hold on and keep working on this.