The birth of my husband Part 21

And the birth of my kids with me, back again.

Jiska Hachmer
The birth of my husband
9 min readApr 27, 2024


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As we are together, always, and it is a time when the ex-wife attacks a lot and is stalking and wants to rewrite my story for the past years, since the start of "their relationship", which came only from a set up blind date situation, to disrupt me and my bf at that time, my twin flame, my guardian angel, my one, my all, which had just saved me from a bad ex. It is difficult to write, and the next door as well, these criminals belonging to her crime scene are a lot, and attacking with a lot. So, it is not I'd never dare to write, or any related to it, as I am used to always telling and writing and they are criminal and try to influence, but they also are not any of me, it is not of meaning, more a thing to get removed and cleared and cleaned up than any changes in me. They stalk, hack, track and are extremely criminal, and want to influence everyone, as it is criminals. That part is them, and all I told about it, including CIA etc and all any. All know.

But as it is we are together, there is this a lot of things why it is taking time to further talk, or continue, or a time of we did a lot of us, instead of me share to all. Also a lot of study on us as I said in the last part. Also, I study for my degree and got very ill with a blood pressure of 245/140 and that had to go down, so all I did was in danger of me never doing that again. Also, with such and even have to wonder how long I had that, death was more near than away. But also I did develop a lot with my boyfriend into a lot, and boyfriend was never a real fair name, it is a lot more, more as living married together apart, like a LAT, sharing and then this issue, that "wife", the same as if I d still be with the ex, it is no real, but they do that as criminals around to make that seem real, and to even hurt him and me. It is a lot we had back then help against, as thats a real bad thing, and then the tricks she still does, its a lot. But that we had a long time by now. Including a lot around them and around here, turned out more one same bad.

So, there were some reasons besides all done already to me, which all now work on to solve, still. It has been a lot of criminals in a lot of places, and attacking a lot of people. Which everyone even knows, but they also attack all day everyday and it is a lot, and from religious, political wars, and terrorism and onto civilians and etc and then their hope to do that and not be found and hope we all sound not normal, while all know and see them and it is done to about anyone at the moment. It is a bad time. They expanded also, and were already out of hand, thats a national and internationally known thing. As I work against that they attack as well, and also because I always had a place in media and radio and all kind of places where they attack.

So, that goes on, and all knew this and work on that, I work on it as well. So, the attacks they do and the all that comes with it. As it comes with stalking, mobbing, espionage, spying, hacking, tracking and endless as I said. So much, that is the way they think to control. It is very corrupt.

So, we live from start that as this is not even new since recent years. We did also learn who they are and see them come out with more crime, as everyone know today all criminals are out of hand and expanding. But also they already were targeting, and I had alreayd against that everyone explaining and solving, and then revenges could come and they tried that and did that and it is all that.

Also, we then had kind of some years of moments where they feel to attack more, and disrupt with other people they try to let us date with. It is common for famous, known and certain people in certain jobs to have that as targeting crime around. The fake spouses, the fake bf gfs. But me and my one, we have always had us.

But as we also evolved, we learned more and more after the initial very impressive "meet" as it is not even a new meet, we had us a long time, but confirmed it, and that shocked a lot too, as it is positive, but then also that issue of her, and these criminals around, so have to be us and stop all that they do and evolve as people together, we also found out things in the meaning of it all and in us and see back in us and all done by others, and see how we are. It is we d wake up. They tried so long to keep us disrupted, and ruined, and we just would not go down or so, in their ideas, and we don't, but we somehow took a few years so alone for us two, suddenly. While we were all the years us and had same things, it became a new time. All had somehow, changed. Like a new start, but then not at all, we do count all the moments before too, but like this restart, to now live it. We might eventually make all a story and share together, one day. He better survive now first, as she is a dangerous woman and that network too. But then we can redo it all again and even add all we wanted to it, as we always dreamed of this. We wanted to show our story and in our way, as that is an original way. Then she tried to replace me and it is so not who we are and so a bad time as well, but also so, not interesting for us, as it is not the truth. The truth is us, and we have a pretty way to share, but still, because of her, were so not there to do how we 'd be. So, we worked on us, and learn what we work on, and all stages in love, and dating, and marriage, and engagement, and a lot, we had also the best time together as we found out how to do us. We did always but somehow we had a different time.

We had in the past years always us, as all our lives and that goes back to not only I know from the womb and before and after who he is and talked openly about him, and not only it goes back to as young teens we had our numbers, addresses, contact information and we knew we d find us, after we knew inside we would, but also we actually would, to then eventually meet and be and know that and then confirm in 2007 that all is so and asked out etc and being officially that. Then her trying to get him in one huge fight only, and trauma bond, and a lot of lies about me from them around and her, and a lot of usage, of him as he was vulnerable, as it is about me and him. It is a lot, but us is us and we have us and we will one day show it in our way, which is very pretty and we are very far on.

But, now during that happiest ever as well as we understand us, and she asks him to lie the same lies she always wants him to lie, but we found us in a way, as we are, and know us deeply, but also evolved, and new kind of, and happiest. During it all, that is beyond abnormal and very insane and criminal by all, but also learned the lessons as marriage means it. We had somehow all the slow living too, and are as average Millennials marrying in our 40s most likely. Which is the average now these days. But also very deeply we did all stages. As we were and can count us as 40+ years together, but also as 30+ years counting from we know we are going to meet, having the proof and direct connection. Also, 20+ years where we met and all started first on me to disrupt us so he couldn't get me, and then since 2007 on him, clearly as all knew we are officially, but then that thing with his sibling and her, that set up, as a response to him saving me from my ex. To further disrupt this. To keep the control and pressure going. And we then had it hard, sad, and also live on as parents of the kids we got, and LAT like, and also very us as we were already. Also, very pretty anew, learning about us.

That time was even prettier recently, the past years, we did all the things we dreamed of and only will do more. But now it is also very pretty to share. The real pretty we live. It is like we were having a time to become.

Then her attacks and the criminals attacks as always on this, but we thus do not live that as that is not. Those had to do them, and us do us.

So, is he born, I am still in the birth of it, and also I did spot a moment it was as if he was born. Also, it feels like he was always my husband and it is always so. We lived the not on paper also, that is a real love, and we learned all the stages. It is so deep and special, it is beyond we already found it deep and special. We move into even more of that.

So, he might got born a view times, and then we still will have to one day together redo in the way we would, to show and start also count from that day and relive all the possible ways to see us and make it pretty things to share as we are. It is so personal, original, own and authentic, but very pretty to look back on, same time then is a new start, of official and redo every step including how we wished it, and what we now became to do. As we learn to show it.

So, born, not really yet, also is, and was, and it will again, and maybe again. It is a very special time.

It is also a thing to look back on as we were already, she is void. She is a dating fraud. It will be a lot to solve, more deeply, than their divorce. It is eventually truth must come, as we deserve that. So, also a birth in addressing it all, to truth.