We get into the moment, knowing we love, but we need to find the understanding of love.

And the hardest part is finding words for this, that we have to realize, and need to realize why we love. We can stay in love, not further develop the brain, and stay in the love feeling, without understanding what the other one actually feels and goes through. We can assume love is enough. But there is more happening, and without realizing you can lose the other one you love, despite they love you too. Suddenly leaving, because you did not understand them enough, that can make them feel unloved.

And it sounds not logical, as love is the logic. From yourself to the other, it is about, yes I love you. That seems the only thing that has to happen.

The moment one is in the love, losing themselves, that one can feel lost, not knowing what the other one feels, and can lose them. Thus it is important to realize what it all means and to grow and be able to understand.

You mean the one, where you realize more, and truly always love, but also realize beyond the feeling love. Where you know your best to love someone, and that is you, loving. Not just the sweet loving feeling that one gives you, to stay within. You will have to love to. From you to them, which means understanding how they feel. Not only, feeling the love from them, and feeling happy in the love you feel. You would not know what he feels. He could have lost the feeling for you, and you just dream of love.

You know surely you love him, it is a lot, but not enough. Also, that he loves you is not enough, you have to love back. Remembering your both loves is not enough, feeling the love inside, from the other, is not enough. You have to love back to the other. During every moment you have to realize both of you and have to be busy with both feelings. The way you did before you fall in love. The way you knew you two. This is actually not so new. The person you love because of their love for you, or the feeling it gives you, is not the one when this true feeling you always had is not there. This feeling from deep inside of you is not there, it is not the one you were looking for.

You will have two worlds, the true love, and the love you feel now.

The true love, you actually have for someone, and the love you feel now, and being aware of it all, is the love you need. Your meant love, actually happening, now.

But then love happened, in the meant love, and known love. There comes more love and sexual feelings, which can put you inside of that true love inside, and leave you there, skipping the now. Skipping all sides of this true love. Which makes it almost look like, as if you are with just someone, and you just stay inside. But actually this time, you are with the right one, but you stay inside of that true love and are not doing the complete love. You do not answer, you love. And your one does need answers to realize the love is true, indeed. You look to them like just someone when you take and do not respond. You let them be isolated, and not mirror the feelings. You do not grow.

So, if you would skip understanding there is sex too if you feel that for him, but you would skip acting on it, you just love and keep it friendly. They do not get the complete picture and can think you are not the person you are, their one. Their one would feel those feelings.

It is not just a date, even when it started like that. There is everything. So much more than you ever could know. You also grow into it, so it all gets more and bigger.

But love is growing, and going far. And for your best friend, you do all. Growing up can be hard.

All parts of the human were made in a star. DNA is from the universe, the earth is from the universe, everything is from the universe.

Finally showing your true one, after the long search, you are that one. Able to express all the feelings, finally. It can be another long journey to express all of it. Beyond what everyone told.

Plato his “symposium”. or in Indian: “Ardhnareshwar.”

The way LGBTQ+ can feel who they are, that way we can feel our love. It is gender, to be a twin flame. And it is about how humans love humans.

How one can be more spiritual, but anyone can have a gender. A twin flame is a gender. Some are gays, some are twin flames. And no matter the genders, because one can be cis twin flame, or intersex twin flame, or any queer and twin flame.

It would say something about how deep the connection is and compared to others how much above the others, you feel love for this one. Your best friend. Thus the most attracted too, or the most you love. Or in a state of creating, the most fitting love to you, one day.

Where one can feel the other, some are very instinctive, or intuitive and can feel the other people, some are psychic, some are just natural sensing, the way we can sense danger, or storms.

There are more things that can attract us. It is within these studies, a study on love. You can study how we feel attracted by someone because of our DNA, being cousins. You can study how we are connected to someone because we are best friends, which is a lot of time, your cousin. You can study how we are planets, stardust and having the same attraction, and how all is written in the stars, in astrology. You can study twin flames in a lot of ways.

Research is scientific. When you study nature, phenomena,

“Pseudoscience is differentiated from science because — although it claims to be science — pseudoscience does not adhere to accepted scientific standards, such as the scientific method, falsifiability of claims, and Mertonian norms.”

And you are not doing pseudoscience, you do not say when you find your twin flame, something like all “swans are white”.

Pseudoscience would be: When people made all swans white, in nature still the black swan exists, and black swans are still possible and is still a swan, no matter erasing them, they are actually a truth, in nature. You have to be precise about this. A twin flame is what humans feel, what human tell they can have. It is not eliminating, not at all, someone would eliminate your love, if they do not believe in twin flames. Pseudoscience is not because of the topic, it is because one would skip the scientific method. So, to make your twin flame science, you simply use the scientific method.

You mean actual love, the way one understands human love. They do. We can love certain types, that is also not pseudoscience. Pseudoscience would be just loving anyone, to get rid of the pressure. A fake love, skipping truth.

Science because you feel that and you know people met one, and you know you have met one, or could meet one, means natural phenomena, the way we have instinct, and intuition, those are actual things in our brain.

But still, you sense. You can measure how accurate you were, looking back.

Finding the one is the way you can grow up, with all things, and all ideas you made in life on all things. And seeing over time all a bit more clear does not mean all went away. No, you just see it all more clear.

So, the things you saw as a child did not disappear, they are still there, but you can now see them more precisely, and over time see all better.

But you do see, hear, feel, taste, smell, but better when you have them near. Also, you can sense them better near or far, on different things, or in the same way, it depends on how good you are at that, some are more psychic.

Some draw more straight than others, but all are not exact as computers. We all see colors but not as precise as a computer can.

We can understand how humans use the senses, how precise we are. And some are more precise than others. But we are human, but not without bias. We know when we have a computer.

So, we ourselves make not the straightest lines, but computers do. We can make products that are straight, with computers. But can not make all that is outside in nature, as we are not that process in nature, and all is not our position in life. We are human, not God, we are having a position with senses, and thus think of senses. If we had no eyes, we would not think of seeing. We are who we are, and having the processes in life because of that.

But some might “be more near being a God”, than others, people could find differences near of far what a God might be, but still, we are in the human body, we are that, human, not the God. Not that process.

So, one can draw more near straight, with the human body, but still, it is not what a computer can. We did make the computers, they are human-made.

It seemed to be science that humans are 50% cis male, 50% cis female, we are not. We need to study this to know the science, what are all LGBTQ+ letters? What do people feel?

We study the nature of humans, what they feel, what they experience. What natural phenomena is.

Maybe an intuitive can find their twin flame better, maybe not. Maybe one with a strong instinct can find their twin flames better, maybe not.

We study human, we are human, despite any study. So even when all think to find all are female, male and cis, we know now that all genders exist, and those scientists from the past are wrong and have found pseudoscience instead.

That is part of science, to find the truth. And to find the correct scientific law to it all, the real absolute, the real studies, and the next studies, the real continuous thought to find more truth.

To make your intuition scientific, to make your instinct scientific is like making all that human feel, sense, use their body parts(intuition is the pineal gland, instinct is the primal brain.

Thesis, to research, and finding the right experiment fitting, and finding the scientific laws.

Where we at first go through many ideas, getting more close to the truth.

Then still it goes through the scientific method, and publishing, and more people studying it, and getting through the physics side of things, that is study.

It can also be used, by other fields, about how human nature can feel and think.

It can be science in many ways, all starts with what human think, sense, experience, and have a thesis on. What they can wonder.

And we add all studies to it and process it all with science, and the scientific method, we research it. Theories are developed.

Then, we still need proof, we need to translate it all into an experiment, with the ethics, studying the phenomena, find the answers to our questions about it. And share that again.

Then, there are theories, and after many theories, we have experiments and answers from the experiments and find more theories and scientific laws, over time, more and more we find the truth.

The experience becomes proven, “placed” idea. Placed in the sciences, placed with the studies and experiments where the idea stands, in reality. What it all means, really.

We do grow in ideas, that is science. So, DNA is a good example, compared to instinct, intuition, people studied a lot and it took more than 300.000 years of homo sapiens to find our own DNA. Animals do not find DNA, we did.

Some did find DNA. We all use it, but few found it. But humans were not born with this idea, or not yet, born with the proven scientific idea, actually finding DNA. They grew into this idea and found DNA, actual DNA, and we all now work with it, thanks to them.

They might have a nature for finding topics like DNA, they might have such an environment, they might have had another experience getting them there. All in human life could have happened to them. Still, humanity is a growing process.

But not all are as smart or developed to use it the exact same way, nor we all have the exact same process, to find all the exact same details in our lives, to be exactly the same. We all are unique, and in a unique process, same enough to be all named homo sapiens, and to all be able to work with the same concepts, and science, but we will use it a bit differently. It is a process together, with “similarities”, but all are different.

“All planets, stars, suns are different. And we have many of them. “ — Jiska Hachmer.

You simply ask a question, you wonder, find research and then after many research thesis, find a hypothesis and an experiment fitting this hypothesis, and then answer your question, when you find the hypothesis that answers yes, you found the answer.

When it says no, you need to study more to find more research thesis, and perhaps more thesis, to get to new ideas on this topic, and keep working on this research, to find a new experiment fitting better, and answering your question with yes.

All the findings are published so all can work on this.

Then we still seek scientific laws. We can have theories, we can have scientific laws, and in between. We need to get to the absolute truth. Like gravity laws.

They still will use it in their own way. One will feel gravity in the USA and another in the EU, or some feel none in space when they travel to space.

How far we are on the research, can determine if all can do the same thing. The people more near this natural phenomena in their life, naturally do it. The ones farther, do it perhaps less naturally. All can study the topic. We can study also this phenomenon, if all do this naturally, despite studying the topic.

Still, she goes through all the same things we all go through, we, sense, feel, experience, think, process input, and are within a process, getting smarter, growing, getting into new ideas, and some are “talented” in drawing, sensing, thinking with the scientific method, or in understanding processing input, or etc, but we all are within a process and develop, we grow up, and all have their own maxes, own pace, own IQ, which we can grow, can get better, can use better, but we are human. And it all has reasons, which we can look up in science, and we can use it in our thinking of this topic.

So, what all sense is important, it is anyway what they sense, and how they sense. And it is who they are, and it can have reasons, how they are, but also can be their nature, and we can study this natural phenomenon.

The study is science, using the scientific method.

We can find the right partner. Some want psychics, some want more “earthy” types, with more instinctive sensing and being, but they both can be twin flames and can know of this. That is why I think it is like gender. You can know no matter who you are, who you are.

But still one can be more interested in being their body, no matter what, and others can be more interested in being psychic, and express that.

Being and expressing are two things. We can study the features, and find hidden sides as well.

You still are who you are, no matter what one studied on these topics.

Your authentic self is in the end what life is about. That you are you.



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