The birth of my husband (part 9).

(And the birth of my kids back with me again. )

We are in the middle of the eye of the hurricane.

The weather of the bad raised, trying to raise us, trying to be our input, so we will become as bad as them. At least, they try to use us, to be in our lives, as they have no lives.

We have our own talents, and God’s plan, they lack their understanding of their own plans and talents. They would have been busy doing that, instead of us. They have no talent in communicating with us, nor in any work with us. They are parasites, not capable, trying to look capable, with us.

Them, they are the mountains in our lives. Our talent is no mountain, it's just development, of who we are. Nor God, as God is not this self-made mountain, made by them.

This is the book of life, the key in life, understanding who is the true mountain.

It is their illness, that is the mountain. They are ill in the world, in our countries, in their networks, in their jobs, trying to be criminals in all jobs around the world.

“Our marriage”, they are our marriage.

They try to influence our marriage, praying for delays, for breaking us up, backlashing BPD, dark triad behaviors, and all types of criminals, they have become after being raised so bad.

It is so good to cut these “whisperers” out of our lives. To cut their hearts out, especially now we know who tried to make our kids ill. They wanted to create the same bad hearts. So, we cut them out, so they have no hearts to share. Hollow spaces left, as hollow as their truth.

It's like the weather. Clouds will disappear. They are the illness, during our freedom. We actually are free, while they tried to change the wind. They are the ill ship, trying to delay us with letters, but we actually have delayed theirs, as we understand their hollowness, thus they are caught. Hollowness, remains hollow, no matter what you put that on. No matter the job you send the letters from when your words mean nothing, they are still nothing. They hoped telling nonsense would earn them some. They earned the jail, now. It did not bring them far.

Jailing them is our new job, since them. We never asked for this, we hate them for them, which is logical.

It is ill who they are. It is the key to any job, and we now have all the keys to all the jobs. They had only one key, lies. We will change that into truth, and a different key to each job, that will keep criminals out of any job, as it is to complex a system, to have more keys, to have more depth.

Knowing this truth, now, will let our anchor down, somewhere.

We will change the weather and have all the power to live a happy marriage.

We will not stay in the eye of the bad raised and illness hurricane. This is not us. It is just bad weather. The previous bad weather.

We will change “our marriage”, into a real marriage, with nothing in between.

Our jobs will change again too, to who we really are. They came in between a little while, where we had to learn who they are, and now we know, and we had to learn to jail them.




The birth of my husband.

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