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Bitcoin makes Austrian Economics possible

How the Keynesians won some battles but will ultimately lose the war.

“The study of free and responsible human action and its consequences.”

The Pillars of Austrian Thought

Austrian economics does not seek to model, predict or organize an economy but rather to understand axiomatic, a-priori truths and then infer how the most complex of systems, the economy of human beings, may respond to certain stimuli. It is interested in studying praxeology, better known as ‘human action’, the marginal and subjective theories of value, human behavior and incentives.

- Aleks Svetski & Mark Moss, The UnCommunist Manifesto

How Keynesians beat Austrians (and sanity) this century

USDA-vs-Healthy-Eating-Pyramids (ie; Fiat Food Pyramids)

The Levers

Stealing back The Fire

In Closing

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