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Bitcoin Times Ed 4

Is now LIVE.

Welcome to the fourth edition of The Bitcoin Times.

We are now in the third year of this publication, the thirteenth year of Bitcoin, the second year of ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’, and the first year of a new decade.

As I said in Edition 3, the change we’ve seen in society is not just visible, but palpable. What started out as complete fringe conspiracy theories in 2019, transformed into reality over 2020 and have spiraled completely out of control this year. You’ve probably heard me say that in 2019, things were getting dumber by the year. In 2020 they were getting dumber by the month. These days I go to bed, wake up in the morning and say to myself: “the world cannot have gotten more stupid”…only to be proven wrong when I open the bird app.

It’s definitely a strange time to be alive, and I don’t think anybody could have predicted the timeline we’re on. It’s like a clown world simulation created by some deity that wants to play a cosmic joke on his little brother’s pets. Weird. I know. But at this point, I’m not sure anything surprises me, so if it was real, then so be it.

The one tether of truth, hope, certainty and consistency remains Bitcoin.

It’s a heartbeat that we can always refer back to. It’s that reliable friend that you can always turn to.

In fact, in many ways it’s like the notion of god that many pray to. A force or being that exists beyond the realm of the physical, who is always there, in background, aways willing to listen and never going to judge you.

It’s a powerful notion and for many, it’s the single greatest source of hope in a world gone completely mad.

I know this to be true for many of the people I consider my closest friends and comrades today.

What attracted us to Bitcoin in the first place was the renegade streak in us all. We were already agains tyranny, authoritarianism, globalism and it’s many incarnations as ‘the state’, but we were merely anti-state padawans.

We were extraordinarily green, and little did we know we’d have to grow up so quickly and fly the flag for liberty, independence and the sovereignty of the individual.

It’s fallen completely upon the shoulders of Bitcoiners to lead this charge, not only because we’re generally the archetype that does both lead the strategy and the charge, but because we’re truly the only ones equipped enough to do something about it.

If we do not manage to awaken enough of the dormant Remnant, the world will be a dark place for a lot longer than we envision, and according to the Great Filter theory, humanity may not even make it.

We have the slingshot that will take down Goliath. We are the Prometheans who must steal the fire.

We are the 300 who stood against the mindless hordes. We are Luke Skywalker using the force to blow up the Death Star.

It’s on us to not only defund the moronic, short sighted, parasitic state apparatus that is destroying everything around us, but to set a new, incorruptible standard that nobody can fuck with later on. Only then have we meaningfully changed the world for the better.

There’s nobody else coming to save us. It’s up to us.

We’re the 1% that will make 99% of the difference, because we have the 1% tool that has 99% of the impact.

It’s our duty to use it, and to rally the troops around us.

This is a war for the soul of humanity and I’m honoured to be amongst individuals who not only understand that, but are willing to do something about it.

The writers in this and prior editions are perfect examples.

Alex McShane, Brandon Quittem, Peter St Onge, Allen Farrington, Craig Warmke and Tomer Strolight.

Not only some of the most incredible minds alive today, but incredible human beings with a depth of character that you will scarcely find.

Take time out to devour their work. Show them you support their work, whether online, in person or to your loved ones.

Be a beacon for the signal contained herein, for it’s the most meaningful of messages.

Bitcoin and Bitcoiners are a New Hope.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support.

Aleksandar Svetski
The Bitcoin Times
December 5th, 2021

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