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Bitcoin Times Edition 2

Dedicated to the Sovereign Individual in us all.

Dedicated to the Sovereign Individual in all of us.

What a journey.

To be quite honest, I expected 30–50 pages, but we’ve ended up with the Bitcoin version of “war & peace”.

Oh well…I know if you’ve come this far, you’ve got a lot out of it.

We are truly at an exciting time in history.

10yrs after the launch of bitcoin, and the closure of the decade, we’re looking ahead once again, into a fog none of us can really make sense of or see-through.

It makes you wonder…was Bitcoin’s introduction 10yrs ago not so much about 2008 and the GFC, but actually about being ready today or for what’s to come?

Whilst I have some theories (some more whacky than others) the reality is that nobody really knows.

What we can be certain of is that despite all the madness going on in the world, It makes this period in history one you can only be glad you’re a part of.

The idea of taking on the financial system, let alone surviving was like shooting a bb-gun at a freight train, but here we are, in an age when that bb-gun has somehow become David’s slingshot.

We all know, deep down, that is money is supposed to map directly to work, time, energy & effort, then a better form of money is needed.

If this culmination of math, science, game theory, computer science, networking, distributed systems is that better form, it’s a big deal. So
big in fact, that it will not only be the unit against which everything is measured, but will form the basis for a better, more robust & functional society.

Owning a slice early on may prove to be the smartest move you’ve ever made.

And I’m not just speaking financially — I’m talking from a standpoint of liberty & sovereignty.

So in closing, one last tribute to Orwell (echoed by our friends at Rage).
It’s a quote, which I believe with Bitcoin, we can finally break.

“Who controls the past now, controls the future,

Who controls the present now, controls the past”

With Bitcoin, we remove control from the past, the present and the future.
With Bitcoin,
The past becomes objective.
The future goes to the best of us.
The present is Free
With Bitcoin, we can make the world a better place.

Aleks Svetski
Nov, 2019


The Bitcoin Times is made free as an online publication thanks to the team at Amber Labs, and the effort of the writers and creator.

Amber Labs works on Bitcoin products & services, with a focus on “red-pilling” new people into Bitcoin. The core Amber product helps people accumulate Bitcoin in a manner that’s sensible & consistent, by dollar cost averaging.

You can find out more about Amber at:

The Contributors

Without this amazing set of individuals, the Bitcoin Times would be a one-man show, with a one off edition. We couldn’t have that.

Every single one of these people put their time & effort into producing something profound for you to consume.

Follow them on their socials, support them on their endeavours, reach out & thank them, and share their work around.

Nic Carter

Nic Carter

Partner at a Blockchain-focused VC fund; Castle Island, Nic mostly thinks and writes about the political implications of the rise of private monies.



Bitcoiner. Privacy advocate. Wrote research papers on internet stuff in a previous life. Wrote a bunch of software after that. Writing words on Bitcoin now. Kinda religious about it.

Conner Brown

Conner Brown

Conner Brown is a bitcoiner at Stanford Law School. His interests include monetary history, Austrian economics, and philosophy.

Rory Highside

Rory Highside

Bitcoin Supremacist, Chief Memologist, Pleb, Game Design & Development.

Hass McCook

Hass McCook

Chartered Civil Engineer. Oxford MBA. Bitcoin Mining Researcher. Austere Religious Scholar and Humble Friar, Spreading the word of Satoshi

Dan Held

Dan Held

Dan Held is a long time Bitcoin advocate, entrepreneur and now Director of partnerships at world-leading exchange, Kraken.

Robert Breedlove

Robert Breedlove

Former CFO and operations executive, and now CEO/CIO at Bitcoin & digital asset focused fund, Parallax Digital

Aleksandar Svetski

Aleksandar Svetski

Co Founder at Amber, [often abrasive] Bitcoiner, contrarian, provocative writer, editor @ the Bitcoin Times, Personal Sovereignty advocate.

Chantelle de la Rey

Chantelle de la Rey

Co Founder at Amber and Bitcoin Times. Yoga, Puppies, Deadlifts, Design, Carnivore, Bitcoin Hodler, Creator and designer of the Bitcoin Times.

Branding and design consultant.

and finally

Satoshi Nakamoto

Founder @ Bitcoin.
Whoever you are, thankyou and stay hidden.

The Bitcoin Times Ed 2 is the collaborative work of 8 writers & 1 designer with the intent to educate, inspire and spread ideas on bitcoin.

Each section will be released on Medium as a free long form article, and the full, compiled version of the Bitcoin Times will be available for free at the link below. In 2020, we’ll release a limited edition hard cover collectible, for purchase, which you’ll be notified of by email if you download the free pdf.

If you found value in this or any of the other essays and articles, please support each of the contributors by sharing it out & following their work.




Facts over Fiction. Timeless, Limited edition content on Bitcoin & its broader impact on Philosophy, Liberty, Science, Society, Economics, Morality, Ethics and Life. Support us at

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Aleksandar Svetski

Aleksandar Svetski

Host:, Founder @ Editor @ Bitcoin, Money, Psychology, Philosophy, History, Entrepreneurship & Thinking

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