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Biz Stone
Biz Stone
Aug 1, 2016 · 1 min read
Search smarter — get concise, helpful answers from real people on the side.

The most popular web browser in the world just got smart. Today we launched the Ask Jelly Extension for Chrome. Upgrade your browser for custom, concise answers from real people as you search the web. It’s free, no signup needed, and questions are always anonymous. You might even get a Magic Answer. Go ahead and try it to see what I mean.

People often wonder, “Why would anyone, especially a stranger, want to help me?” The answer is simple: humans are wired to help. Many neurological studies have proven that the same, “feel good” brain chemical (dopamine) is released when a person knows they’ve helped as when they win money. We’ve been at this a while, it’s absolutely true.

People sign up to Jelly because they enjoy feeling good. Jelly is harnessing the goodness of humanity and amplifying it with technology. Our mission is, “To answer the world’s questions simply and helpfully.” To do this, we must go beyond askjelly.com and its mobile counterparts. Jelly needs to be wherever your questions are. Watch out—we’re just getting started!

Biz Stone,
Co-founder and CEO
Jelly Industries, Inc.

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