The Biz and Livia Stone Foundation

It’s not nature vs nurture, it’s nature and nurture. The Biz and Livia Stone Foundation is a public benefit corporation with 501c3 status, but it’s also family run—my wife and I are the directors.

Some of the organizations that share our philosophy and passion in the education, conservation, environment, and animal welfare space include Donors Choose, PRBO Conservation Science, and Farm Sanctuary. We work with and support these groups not just because we believe strongly in their missions, but also because they are run by some of the classiest, most empathetic, determined, and just plain kind folks we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Our approach, in general, is to foster a holistic learning experience for young people—to give them the opportunities they deserve, but also to teach them that they are part of a greater whole. It’s important to us that young people have ample opportunity to learn, that they grow up with a reverence for nature, and that they are in touch with their own unlimited creativity. We are driven by the vast potential waiting to be unlocked within humanity and in particular, kids.

There are instances—especially when it comes to our own community, or specific projects near and dear to our hearts—when we will take a hands-on approach. We’ve helped design and fund specific, standards-compliant curricula, created new scholarships across a variety of fields, volunteered our time or expertise to other non-profits, and in some cases we sit on boards or advise organizations that we are especially passionate about such as our good friends at Donors Choose.

For more information about the organizations we support, please visit the links in this article and feel free to get involved yourself at any level. Altruism has compound impact—the earlier you get started, the more good you'll do over time. We hope to learn and grow as our foundation matures. Every year that goes by, we are getting better at providing outstanding support for the wonderful people who share our philosophy and dedicate their lives to doing good.