The Jelly Approach To Work

Biz Stone
Biz Stone
Jan 14, 2016 · 3 min read

Last week I wrote about our un-pivot and that you can reserve your username early. This week I want to share some broader thinking about work in general, how I think it should fit into our lives, and what we’re doing at Jelly to breath life into our aspirational vision.

I have a wife and young son, my co-founder Ben does too, our marketing lead Zoe has a daughter, our chief of staff Nicole has a baby on the way. We believe that working late and tired is worse than working smart. Ben and I set out to create a company that complements life.

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This beach is a 15 minute walk from our office. I walk here every day. Photo:

Inside Jelly Industries

I’ve long said that a company culture will form no matter what. You can ignore it and see what happens, or you can treat company culture like a product. You can define your ideal culture and work to build it. At Jelly, our culture is partially informed by the philosophy of our product.

Jelly is a new approach to search powered by people who have signed up to help. We’ve pledged 1%. We are a Circle The Schools partner. We have done many hours of volunteer work together as a team. Each Jelly board meeting begins with total hours volunteered since the last. Helping is in our DNA.

Within the company, we strive to help each other. A company should serve as a vehicle for forwarding ones life goals. Everyone who comes to work at Jelly should grow during their time here. If they leave, a person should be better for having worked at Jelly such that they can level up in life.

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Our office in San Francisco. Photo:

There are some tradeoffs to working at a small company where the hours are reasonable. It means when we’re here in the office together, we are most definitely, at work. There is no foosball. You are expected to always be moving forward. You are expected to tackle every problem artfully.

Working Toward A Purpose

Having a job is good. Having a career is on another level. Believing what you do every day has purpose is the ultimate way to eliminate hating Mondays. When I say working with a purpose, I mean working towards something that feels bigger than the sum of its parts. Something worthwhile.

We hope people willingly and freely helping each other is a purpose that resonates with others. It certainly works for us at Jelly. We’ll never feel bad for having tried. Working toward a purpose is rewarding. It puts a little pep in your step. Getting paid on top of it isn’t bad either.

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Walking through here is the shortcut to the beach. Photo:

On Compensation

Compensation at Jelly is generous and appropriate. It’s not fair if someone gets more compensation than another simply because they are a better negotiator. Pro tip: if you’ve ever decided to quit a job and they offer you more money — that’s what you were worth the whole time.

Exciting Times

We’re extremely happy with the number of folks who want to be an early part of Jelly and we can’t wait to get this new approach out the door so we can learn and iterate. Jelly 2.0 is a total re-boot. We’re back at the beginning again. Stay tuned if you want to join us and see where this goes.

Biz Stone,
Co-founder and CEO
Jelly Industries, Inc.

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