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Biz Stone
Biz Stone
May 21 · 2 min read

Hosted in the Metaverse

There are two Biz Stone’s!

Everyone had to endure major life changes and upheaval in 2020. We also had to hear a new term way too many times — ‘social distancing’. But the phrase was never right because it was really about physical distance. The truth is that we have grown closer socially. As a result of the pandemic, many have woken up to the importance of family, friends, and even strangers. That human connection is a vital part of our daily energy and mental health and ‘social’ has emerged as one of the most important topics of 2021.

Social media. Social issues. Just plain old being social with friends. The number of interactions I’ve had with people during the pandemic increased dramatically. More meetings, more catch-ups, more virtual events — all of them planned in advance and done over video calls. There are many advantages to accomplishing so much over video calls but to me, there is a very big disadvantage. We’ve lost the serendipity we normally experience at work, events, restaurants with friends — and even public transportation.

To bring back some of that serendipity, I’m going to sit beside a roaring fire, talk with friends and colleagues, and invite you join me too. We can interact, have fun, and meet new people. And here is the fun part: we’ll all be together inside Roomkey’s virtual world. We’ll be discussing trends in social media, social issues such as mental wellness, and whatever else happens to come up. We can actually socialize in 3D. We’ll all look great. We’ll all sound great. And my favorite part — I’ll know everyone’s name!

Please join me. The event will be kept to an intimate forty people so please do apply as soon as possible if you are interested. If spots run out, we’ll put it on YouTube Live. So even if you miss us in 3D, you can watch. And I’m sure we will do this again so you’ll get another chance. I’ve done this more than a few times with friends and it’s not just spontaneous and fun — it’s effortless too. Finally, I can tell if folks are laughing or listening while we’re on stage. I hope you can make it, the experience is worthwhile.


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