The Black Arts Funding Trap

The subject of the paper is ‘Funding’. It looks at how current and historic funding models can hinder the increase of BAME participation in the sector. We also constructively attempt to offer an alternative solution. This is our
attempt to bring a new perspective on an old topic — arts policy.

This paper is an invitation to the beginnings of a conversation and we are keen to hear voices that question, support, or help us deepen our thinking and, most importantly, move the sector towards real change in improving diversity.

You can download and read our paper here




MeWe360 has spent the past five years running an action research project to find and test new and more effective approaches to driving diversity in the arts. The project was built on 20 years’ previous experience and 10 years’ research in this field.

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MeWe360 Admin

MeWe360 Admin

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